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Phone: 08 9949 9788
Location: 61 Foskew Way, Geraldton, WA 6532

Trading Hours: Available 24/7 

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Midwest Traffic Controllers strives to provide superior traffic management solutions across Western Australia.

Our expert team is dedicated to providing clients with reliable, safe and efficient traffic control solutions.

The team at Midwest Traffic Controllers will work with you right from the start of your project to develop a clear strategy and set objectives based on your specific traffic needs.

From Traffic Management Plans, to Project Management, Hazard and Job Safety Analysis and obtaining relevant approvals and permits, through to placement of traffic controllers on site to manage road usage, our team is able to service a variety of clients from small to large scale operations.

To make an enquiry about how we can help you, contact us on the details provided below.

Telephone: (08) 9949 9788
Email: enquiries@trafficmanagementwa.com.au

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