Nagle Catholic College

Phone: 08 9920 0500
Location: 101-103 Sanford Street, Geraldton, WA 6530

Trading Hours:
Monday to Friday 8:35am - 3:15pm
Saturday to Sunday: Closed

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Nagle Catholic College is the western-most Catholic school in Australia, situated on Sanford Street in the heart of Geraldton. Nagle Catholic College was commissioned in 1994, with the merger of two schools founded by the Presentation Sisters and Christian Brothers.

Steeped in the Catholic tradition, Nagle exists to enable our students to develop fully, in order to prepare them to make a positive contribution to their society.

Nagle Catholic College provides a Christian education, founded in the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church. The formal curriculum and the less formal experiences of students at the College are designed to address the academic, spiritual, social, cultural and physical needs of each student. All students in the College are required to take courses in Religious Education and English language.

Nagle is well regarded within the community and this is reflected in the current enrolment of approximately 1,200 students from years 7 -12. The well-resourced environment combines both heritage and modern facilities.

The College strives to provide students with a balanced and holistic education which will equip them to live fulfilling and purposeful lives. At Nagle, the key partnership is the one which exists between the student, family and the school with the key goal being the success of the student. Great partnerships are built upon mutual respect, good communication and an understanding of the importance of working together.

The College motto, “For Others”, encourages our students to explore the meaningful contribution their education will enable and empower them to make, in their journey through life.

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