We all need to follow this example: Jim Jefferies interviews Jordan Peterson

Jim Jefferies, an Australian comedian famous for sounding like an Australian version of a redneck, using the word "c###" a lot, and yet somehow making the American left love him because he attacked US gun culture in a Netflix special once.

I found it odd to see Jim Jefferies (JJ) had chosen to interview Jordan Peterson (JP). On the cover it seemed like the highschool pot head deciding to go toe-to-toe with Einstein. 

But I watched the interview anyway. 

As one expected, 90% of the video is JJ speaking over snippets of carefully cropped footage chosen to support the narrative being painted. Much of it was patently misrepresenting JP, which was hardly a surprise given the audience JJ is clearly pandering to. 

But there were two notable surprises in the video. 

The first I want to mention is how the video ends, which is with JJ essentially agreeing with JP that people should be allowed free speech. This appears obvious, and it then seems absurd most of the video was spent trying to discredit JP. 

The other interesting point is where JJ points out a double standard JP would be holding by saying it's good to force businesses to serve black people but bad to force businesses to serve gay people.

What's admirable on JP's part is he doesn't hide from JJ's (or JJ's producer's) observation. He acknowledges it and says "maybe I was wrong about that." The issue deserves more than 15 seconds of a YouTube clip to parse, but what we do get to see of JP there was him honestly addressing the point being made and having the integrity to admit he may need to change his opinion.

This is a practice both the left and the right are in desperate need of adopting. When we're in an argument, it should be our goal to discover the truth, not win the argument. If truth appears from the person I'm arguing with, I need the courage and insight to stop arguing and agree with their position.


Jason Smith

Founder of Everything Geraldton, Everything Mandurah, & Everything Perth. Law Student. Father, Husband, Bitcoin, Cigars.

Students showcase skills on national stage

Two Central Regional TAFE (CRTAFE) students had their skills put to the test at the WorldSkills Australia National Championship held in Sydney earlier this month.

Isabelle Croswell_2017.JPG

Isabelle Crosswell from the Geraldton Campus placed fifth in the Hairdressing competition and Travis Watts from the Kalgoorlie Campus placed sixth in the Automotive Open competition.

This is the second time a competitor from Geraldton represented Western Australia at the national competition and a first for the Goldfields region.

Both Isabelle and Travis competed in the regional competition for their respective trades and progressed to represent Team WA at the WorldSkills Australia National Championship (the nation’s largest trades and skills showcase) held at the International Convention Centre in Sydney on 1-3 June.

Participants from around Australia showcased their skills against others in their field by completing a series of projects and tasks throughout the three day event, whilst being scored and judged by experienced industry professionals.

Isabelle, who recently completed her hairdressing qualification and was announced this year’s CRTAFE Apprentice of the Year, said the once in a lifetime experience was exciting and rewarding.

“It’s a roller-coaster of emotions. One minute you’re confident then you’re a ball of nerves; it’s both physically and mentally challenging, especially because we don’t find out what the challenge is until five minutes before starting” Ms Crosswell said.

“I would 100 percent encourage others to give it a go. It gave me so many opportunities to network and meet new people from around Australia” she said.

“I also worked alongside world renowned hairdressers and stylists who were team mentors or competition judges, it’s really been a great learning experience” she said.

Travis Watts_2017.jpg

Travis, a third year Automotive Apprentice at Kalgoorlie’s Performance Gas Mechanical said the atmosphere at the national championship was fantastic and that the competition opened up new opportunities for learning and growth.

“The stress levels whilst competing go through the roof because you are under time constraints for each phase of the competition, whilst still having to worry about accuracy, solving problems and safety aspects” he said.

“There’s a lot of hard work leading up to each completion but it’s all definitely worth it when you get there” he said.

CRTAFE Managing Director Bill Swetman said both students did the college and WA proud.

“Isabelle and Travis have done exceptionally well and should be congratulated for the efforts they have made in preparing for each stage of the WorldSkills program and the professionalism they have demonstrated throughout the competition” he said.

“Their success is a great testament to the dedication they have towards their training and a credit to both their lecturers and employers” he said.

Mr Swetman added “WorldSkills competitions boost young people’s confidence and career prospects, challenges their skills on the national stage and allows them to gain valuable feedback from well-regarded industry professionals.”

Travis Watts_062018.JPG

This year’s championships was also particularly special for CRTAFE with Kalgoorlie Campus Automotive Lecturer Adrian Gooneratne invited to be one of the judges at the national event.

WorldSkills regional competitions will once again be held in 2019.

For more information please contact Central Regional TAFE on 1800 672 700 or email info@crtafe.wa.edu.au More information about WorldSkills Australia can be found at https://www.worldskills.org.au/

Drainage works in Francis Street


The City of Greater Geraldton wishes to advise it will be undertaking drainage maintenance works at the corner of Francis Street and Marine Terrace with works commencing on Wednesday 27 June 2018 and are expected to be completed by Thursday 28 June 2018.

During the works, the intersection will be closed to ensure community safety and detours will be in place. Members of the community are requested to exercise caution and obey all warning signs and directions from authorised City personnel and contractors.

The City apologises for any inconvenience these works may cause.

If you have any queries please contact the City on (08) 9956 6600 or email council@cgg.wa.gov.au.

Nature playground opens in Wandina

 Wandina Primary School students celebrate the officially opening of the Derna Park Nature Playground, which was constructed in partnership by the school and the City of Greater Geraldton.

Wandina Primary School students celebrate the officially opening of the Derna Park Nature Playground, which was constructed in partnership by the school and the City of Greater Geraldton.

Getting back to nature just got a whole lot easier with the official opening of a nature playground today in Derna Park in the heart of the Wandina suburb.

The unique project saw the construction of a playground on land owned by both the Wandina Primary School and the City.

City of Greater Geraldton Mayor Shane Van Styn said the school’s proposal to build the playground aligned with the City’s plans for Derna Park.

“When the playground proposal came through in 2016, the City was already planning upgrades to the Park which included the construction of a toilet block,” he said.

“It goes without saying the nature playground has added real value to the park and with the addition of the toilet block, which opened in August 2017, Derna Park has become a top location for local children and families from across Geraldton to visit and enjoy.”

Wandina Primary School Principal Di Miller said she was thankful to the City and project funders for supporting a playground that will challenge children of all ages.

“By pooling Wandina Primary School, Wandina Primary School P&C, Seacrest Corporation and City funds we were able to successfully leverage grant funding and build a play space that will be enjoyed by students during recess and lunch times and by the community throughout the day,” she said.

“The new nature playground will provide our school and community with a fantastic play space where children will be able to be creative and imaginative as well as develop their gross motor skills through play in a more natural environment, for many years to come.”

Construction of the $200,746 nature playground was jointly funded by Wandina Primary School, Wandina Primary School P&C, the City of Greater Geraldton, and Seacrest Corporation with the State Government Regional Grants Scheme, managed by the Mid West Development Commission contributing $149,167 towards the project.

Permanent closure of Allen Road bridge


The City of Greater Geraldton wishes to advise of the permanent closure of the Allen Road bridge in Moonyoonooka on Friday 22 June 2018.

To ensure community safety, barriers will be put in place to prevent vehicle access to the 88 year-old bridge which has reached its end of life and may be demolished in future.

Members of the community will be able to use the adjacent bridge located on the Narra Tarra-Moonyoonooka Road.

Members of the community are requested to exercise caution and obey all warning signs.

The City apologises for any inconvenience these works may cause. If you have any queries please contact the City on (08) 9956 6600 or email council@cgg.wa.gov.au.

Central Regional TAFE Geraldton Campus - Semester Two Enrolment Days

June sponsored.jpg

Come down to our Geraldton campus Semester Two Enrolment Days!

June 28-29, 9AM to 5PM

Choose from over 300 courses, speak to lecturers and check out the campus. Don’t wait until next year! Your local TAFE can help you get the skills you need now.

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Being a Better Man From Caveman to Great Man Workshop


Do you ever feel like your anger might be getting out of control? Do you have trouble calming down when you get angry? How do you express these feelings?

Being a Better Man is a 6 week programme of psychoeducational workshops which has been developed by Centacare Family Services in Geraldton, WA to assist men who use destructive and offending behaviour to others and themselves.

This unique, innovative and intensive programme combines recent advances in neuroscience and their applications in understanding and re-designing an angry brain.

The Being a Better Man program will require 1.5 – 2 hours per week in a group of up to 12 participants, with a facilitator guiding the course. The primary objective of this programme is to:

  • Learn about the brain, anger and reactive aggression.
  • Learn how to identify and assess anger.
  • Recognize the impact of unhealthy expression of anger on physical health and relationships.
  • Enhance skills and confidence in applying strategies of cognitive neuroscience in controlling anger and offensive behaviour.


Info Sessions on Ward and Councillor review


Community information sessions on potential options to change the current ward system and council representation will be held by the City at the end of the month.

The sessions are part of a review of ward boundaries and the number of Councillors is being undertaken in accordance with the Local Government Act 1995.  All local governments with wards must carry out reviews of their ward boundaries and the number of Councillors for each ward at least once every eight years.  The last time wards and representation were reviewed was in 2011, when the then City of Geraldton-Greenough merged with the Shire of Mullewa.

City of Greater Geraldton Mayor Shane Van Styn said the purpose of the information sessions are to inform the community on the review process and present the various options for future representation.

“Currently, we have seven wards with 14 elected members and a popularly elected mayor,” he said.

“However, there are a number of options up for consideration which include changing or reducing the number of wards or the number of elected members representing a ward or even abolishing wards altogether.

“The pros and cons of these options will be presented at the information sessions along with the opportunity for attendees to provide their feedback on what they have heard.”

The Geraldton Community Information Session will be on Wednesday 27 June 2018 at 5pm, in the Function Room at the City Civic Centre and the Mullewa Community Information Session will be on Thursday 28 June 2018 at 5pm, in the Dining Room at the Recreation Centre.

Mayor Van Styn encourages everyone to have their say on how they will be represented by local government in the future.

“The feedback we received from the community will help Council identify the system of representation that best reflects the characteristics of our community which include communities of interest, physical and topographical features, demographic trends and economic factors,” he said.

When the Review is complete, a report on the process and Council’s resolution regarding wards and representation will be submitted to the Local Government Advisory Board for assessment against the requirements of the Local Government Act and consideration of any recommended changes. The Board’s recommendations regarding the review are then submitted to the Minister who has the final decision on wards and Councillor representation in the City.

For more information on the review or to make a submission visit the City’s website www.cgg.wa.gov.au

Million Trees Project nears halfway mark

 New hessian tree guards, developed by the City in response to community concern regarding using plastic, protect seedlings recently planted by the Sunset Beach Community Group at Triton Place in Sunset Beach.

New hessian tree guards, developed by the City in response to community concern regarding using plastic, protect seedlings recently planted by the Sunset Beach Community Group at Triton Place in Sunset Beach.

A recent tally of tree and shrub plantings registered with the Million Trees Project shows the community is on track to reach the halfway mark of 500,000 this winter.

City of Greater Geraldton Mayor Shane Van Styn said greening the City region has been the community’s aspiration for many years.

“In 2010, when the 2029 and Beyond Project was launched, we asked the community what would make Greater Geraldton a better place to live and greening our City by planting more trees and shrubs was their top priority,” he said.

“Now eight years in and more than 327,500 tree and shrub plantings later, we are continually asked by the community to keep beautifying streets and public open spaces with more trees.

“That’s why more than 127,000 trees and shrubs are scheduled for planting by community groups, businesses and the City along our foreshore and river reserves over the coming weeks.

“With only 11 years to go till 2029, I am confident together, as a community, can reach the million trees target,” he added.

If you have planted one or more trees or shrubs on your property you can make your trees count by registering them towards the Million Trees Project on the City’s website www.cgg.wa.gov.au

All varieties of trees, including fruit trees and shrubs such as Grevilleas, can be added to the register.

New counselling services for men and boys


Desert Blue Connect have added new services for men and boys to its service offerings both in Geraldton and the Midwest region.  We believe that improving men’s health is a priority in our local community and requires a holistic approach that includes men but also women, their families and effective and appropriate health and social services.

We now have a male counsellor available who will provide services that include individual counselling, sexual assault counselling, and personal relationship and family violence counselling for men and boys (14+). 

Individual men’s counselling services are offered in Geraldton one day per week (fee for service) and two days in the shires of Morawa, Mingenew, Three Springs, Yalgoo, Carnamah, Coorow and Perenjori.  Suite of services include grief and loss, adolescent issues, relationship, parenting/fathering, self-esteem and building confidence, and mental health including anxiety and depression.  The rural support services are offered free of charge.

Additionally, Desert Blue Connect provides a range of free family violence counselling that includes sexual assault counselling, and personal relationship and family violence counselling services to men.  Men who use violence or who are concerned about their escalating violence are welcome to make an appointment with the male counsellor.  Counselling can offer tools and strategies for men to cope with intense emotions and how to make non-violent choices.  It can assist men to understand and take responsibility of their violence and additionally be accountable for their abusive behaviour. 


Appointments can be made by phoning the office on 08 9964 2742 for individual men’s counselling, sexual assault and family violence counselling or phone the counsellor direct for rural support services on 0488 348 006 (9-5pm). 



A tweet about rape, Darren West, and the Liberal Party of Western Australia


22-year-old Eurydice Dixon was raped and killed sometime between 10:30pm on Tuesday and 3:00am on Wednesday in Melbourne, according to Victorian Police. 

Victorian Police tried to be helpful in warning the general public (cough, women) to take responsibility to avoid being raped. Detective Inspector Stamper told the media: “My message is that people need to be aware of their own personal security. If people should have any concerns at any time about their personal security, call triple-0.” 

The internet lost its $#!✝️

Women were sick of being told it was their job to avoid being raped and murdered, and somehow the onus rested on them to stay safe. The helpful "advice" from the police was tantamount to victim blaming in the minds of many people, men and women alike. 

Stories from around the world flooded our news feeds as women shared exactly what it's like to be ever mindful that one wrong move could result in the worst imaginable thing ever happening to you. 

I spent some time pondering this. I'm a 6 foot 4 male. I never worry about whether someone is going to rape me, and I rarely worry if someone will murder me. Usually when I'm walking along a dark street at night, depending whether I'm wearing a hoodie or a blazer, people are nervous about my presence. I imagined how tiring it must be to constantly make sure you take the long way home, sit in groups, text your friends constantly regarding your safety, etc etc. I felt a genuine empathy towards women and the joke that is society warning them to be the ones to "take precautions" all the time, rather than actually deal with the perpetrators effectively. 

Do you know who else felt empathy towards women following this story?

Darren West, MLC, Labor WA politician, Member for the Agricultural Region.

Darren West

So Mr West tweeted an old list that the women's rights movements circulated back in 2015. It's a great list, sarcastic in nature, that makes a very clear point: It's not the woman's job to avoid being raped, it's the rapist's job to NOT RAPE! It was endorsed by famous feminists like Sarah Silverman and many more. 

Here it is for posterity:


A similar list also circulated around the same time carried a footnote: “Rape culture directs women to police their clothing, beverage, behaviour and sexuality at all times to avoid men. It portrays men as powerless against their violent sexual urges. Rape culture demeans everyone and everyone should speak out against rape culture."

Now, anyone with an IQ above 65 could tell you that Sarah Silverman, widely hailed as a remarkable feminist (link) is not mocking rape victims by sharing this list. Anyone with an iota of understanding of the context in which the western world is operating right now, namely, rape victims being told it is THEIR job to avoid rape, would be able to put 2 and 2 together and get the point of this list. 

Sarah Silverman has around 12 million followers on Twitter and no woman on the planet called for her to apologise for sharing this list. 

Why? Because of brains.

We used our brains, understood what the list meant, and agreed her point was very valid.

Would you like to know what everyone's reactions to Ms Silverman's tweet were? Type "sarah silverman 10 Rape Prevention Tips" into Google. (or click here)

She was roundly praised, and the men who complained about her tweet were widely condemned. 

We know something needs to change. 

We are SICK of having to train our daughters on how to avoid being sexually assaulted or worse. 

And so when Darren West, in solidarity with Sarah Silverman and the millions of others who feel the same way tweeted this list recently, was he praised just like Ms Silverman? 


Because there's a by-election happening in Darling Range, and the Liberal Party are trying desperately to spin this into a "rape joke" incident.

Today I received a press release from the Liberal candidate for Darling Range, Alyssa Hayden, demanding Mr West be sacked because he published this old viral list. 

“There is no defending his tweet about rape and no excuse he attempts for posting his tweet is acceptable," Mrs Hayden said.

“You don’t joke about such a serious subject and if he believes it was a serious post it shows a lack of judgement – and not for the first time – which warrants his removal from his senior post in the Government.”


The questions I have for Alyssa Hayden and the Liberal Party are these:

1. Does Alyssa Hayden understand the point of the list?

2. Does Alyssa Hayden agree with the point the list makes?

3. If Alyssa Hayden honestly believes this list is insulting to rape victims and condemns anyone who tweets it, is she also condemning Sarah Silverman and all the feminists who made this list viral in 2015? 

And the media have been in fine form as well. Caitlin Barr from Channel 9 seems to also have completely miss the point of the list, expecting Mr West to apologise for standing with women. (link) I wonder if Ms Barr expects Sarah Silverman to also issue an apology. 

The response to Darren West's tweet from the Liberal Party is beyond "political correctness gone mad", because Darren's tweet is perfectly politically correct. 

What Mrs Hayden and the Liberal Party have done is basically said anyone who tries to make a salient point that rape victims are not to blame will have their words twisted and spun such that THEY will appear to be the ones who are insensitive to rape. 

I have had multiple family members who have been raped, sexually abused, and domestically abused. None of them are offended by this list. They ARE offended when Police tell them it is their job to avoid being abused. 

Not only did Darren West do nothing wrong by posting this list, but he is to be commended for having the courage to stand alongside victims of rape, and encouraging a conversation where we start thinking maybe it's not the woman's job to constantly avoid being raped. Maybe we should be focusing our message on the would-be attackers. 

I highly recommend reading this article "Everyday steps women take that would shock men" that was published recently by news.com.au (link)

Alyssa Hayden did not respond to attempts to contact her prior to publication of this article.  

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Mayor expresses frustration over road name

City of Greater Geraldton Mayor Shane Van Styn has described the process for naming a road in Tenindewa as “bureaucratic nonsense” as a third submission has been declined.

The 1.1km unnamed stretch of gravel road in the Tenindewa town site directly abuts the Tenindewa Store which was originally built in 1935.

After much research, the Tenindewa community first suggested ‘Tenindewa Store Rd’ however Geographic Names advised that they did not support the name because there was already several roads containing the name ‘Tenindewa’.

Next the community suggested ‘Foster Road’ after a local pioneer of the area. However this was also rejected because within Geraldton, approximately 100 kilometres away, there is a road called ‘Foster Place’.

After more research and consideration the Tenindewa Progress Association, on behalf of the greater Tenindewa community, recommended the road name ‘Griffiths Road’ as the name not only honours the builder of the Store, Bill Griffiths, but the role of the Store in the growth of the community over the last 80 years.

The City of Greater Geraldton Council supported the application in honour of the pertinent history of the area. The information provided by the Association included justification for the road name and a letter of support from a living descendent of Mr Griffiths.

However Geographic Names have not supported the submission of Griffiths Road for the reason being that there was “no evidence of strong justification”.

Mayor Van Styn said he was concerned and saddened that despite the in-depth information provided, the naming request was denied even after the third attempt.

“The local community is very actively trying to preserve its history and the proposed name of Griffiths Road pays homage not only to Mr Bill Griffiths and his family, but also to the wider community,” he said.

“Regional towns such as Tenindewa play a very important role in our history and long legacy and I feel that the historic stretch of road should be named appropriately.

“This is now the third name suggestion from the community and it seems that no matter the justification, the names put forward keep being quashed.

“It would be very difficult for the community’s hard work in naming the road to not be recognised due to a bureaucratic policy.”

In an unfortunate turn of events, the Tenindewa community lost many of their records in a flood in the 1970s but despite setbacks, the community has worked tirelessly to record their history, honour their community spirit and interpret the history of their town.

Mayor Van Styn said he has written to Minister for Transport; Planning; Lands, Hon. Rita Saffioti MLA to look past the bureaucracy of the approvals process and look to the significance the road name holds in the community.

“I have written to the Minister to draw attention to the bureaucratic nonsense that has been playing out with respect to the naming of the unnamed road reserve,” he said.

“It is difficult to understand why the State has dedicated so much time and effort to thwart the efforts of a proactive rural community who simply want to name a road.

“I am asking the Minister to look past the bureaucracy of the approvals process and look to the significance this road name holds in the community and the opportunity this presents to provide historical interpretation in a declining regional town.”

Rate cuts a possibility

 Some of the education around how rates are calculated.

Some of the education around how rates are calculated.

More than 40% of residential properties and 60% of non-residential properties could possibly receive a rate freeze or rate cut in the 2018/19 financial year compared to 2017/18 depending on what decision Council makes as to rates for 2018/19.

As per legislative requirements, rates are calculated by multiplying a property’s Gross Rental Value (GRV) by the Rate in the Dollar. 

The State Government’s Valuer General revalues the Gross Rental Values every three years.  This has just occurred and these new GRVs will be used to determine the City’s 2018/19 rates.

The GRV is the estimate of the rental income of your property. This recent revaluation has seen the overall GRV percentages decrease by 17.88% on average, however City of Greater Geraldton Mayor Van Styn said there have been some wide variations.

“The latest revaluation will mean more than 50% of residential properties may not pay any more in rates than last year, and in 40% of cases they may even pay less,” he said.

“For commercial ratepayers around 60% of ratepayers may also receive a modest rate cut.”

Mayor Shane Van Styn also added the City and Council are diligently working to ensure rate payers aren’t hit with huge rate rises either now or in future as part of ongoing budget deliberations.

“We want to keep rate rises as low as we possibly can, whilst maintaining services,” he said.

“While keeping rate rises to a minimum, we will still need to balance our budget which is a big win and signifies we are moving forward.”  

Mayor Van Styn said many homeowners have been asking why their rates are going up and why their house market price is going down.

“The simple explanation is – it has nothing to do with the sale price of your home,” he said.

“Legislation requires rates to be based on your property’s rental value which is set by the Valuer General, not by Council.

“We know the valuations have decreased but the cost of running the City does not get any cheaper.

“Council has made it very clear to officers that our service delivery needs to be efficient and effective and rate increases kept to a minimum.”

Over the past three years, a core objective of the City has been to keep costs down.  This is reflected in the City’s current long term financial plan predicting a 3.5% rate rise as opposed to earlier plans showing 7.2%.

“Even though the officer’s proposed rate modelling paper to the April 2018 Ordinary meeting indicated a 3.5% rate rise, I believe we can do better than that,” Mayor Van Styn added.

“Council has repeatedly demonstrated that it listens to the community in both rate setting and determining the range and level of services the community requires. 

“The actual rate increase as opposed to the indicated intent will be determined by Council and is subject to community submissions and Council deliberations.

“I expect that our ratepayers will again see the benefit of the City’s continued efforts to keep costs down.”

Mayor Van Styn also added that the City is being very open and transparent and providing education in the media that details how rates are calculated.

For more information can be found at www.cgg.wa.gov.au

Member for Geraldton urges constituents to attend Ombudsman Complaint Clinics

Member for Geraldton, Ian Blayney MLA is encouraging all members of the community who are having issues with their electricity, gas or water service provider to attend an ombudsman complaint clinic later this month.

“I’ve had a fair few constituents come into the office over the last month that are having problems with their electricity, gas and water service providers.

“This visit from the ombudsman will be a valuable opportunity for the community of Geraldton to raise any concerns they may be having with such providers.

Mr Blayney said that he has written to the Minister for Energy a few times over the last couple of months to bring constituent concerns to the attention of the Department.

“I have been writing to the Minister to ask that concerns raised by members of the community be reviewed and investigated.

“Most recently, I wrote to the Minister regarding the power outage at Port Gregory. The power went out on Thursday and was not fully restored until the following Monday. That is a long time to be without reliable power.

“I asked the Minister that power issues be reviewed by the government and for energy security options for the town of Port Gregory to be given some consideration.

The ombudsman complaints clinic will be held at Pollinators CityHive (184 Marine Terrace) on Wednesday 27 June, 4pm – 6pm and Thursday 28 June, 8:30am -10:30am.

Help needed to identify wreck at Dongara beach


The Western Australian Museum would like the public’s assistance to identify a recently discovered shipwreck about 20 metres offshore at 7 Mile Beach in Dongara.

Regular visitor to the area Aletta Bussenschutt discovered the wreck at a depth of about three metres while recreational diving, and reported the find to the WA Museum.

“I had snorkeled many times at 7 Mile Beach and I was lucky enough to have found the wreck due to the recent swells which had moved the benthic sand,” Ms Bussenschutt said.

“I remember diving down to inspect the wreck further and thinking ‘that’s a wooden hull on the bottom of the ocean!’”

WA Museum Maritime Archaeology Curator Dr Ross Anderson said after inspecting the site, it was identified as the remains of a motorised wooden cray boat.

“The vessel is about seven metres long and was built sometime between the 1950s and 1980s,” Dr Anderson said.

“A timber sample shows it was built in part using jarrah indicating the vessel was built in Western Australia.”

Another artefact recovered was a mammal bone, which points to the wreck occurring before bovine cray baiting stopped in the 1990s.

The area is a haven for fishing boats as it is sheltered from prevailing southerly winds which means the boat may have been moored at the time of sinking.

“As it’s likely the boat wrecked in the relatively recent past, the Museum is asking anyone who may be able to identify the vessel to get in touch,” Dr Anderson said.

“Verified information would be added to the Museum’s shipwreck database and would help document the evolution of the Mid West crayfishing trade.”

Information can be reported to Dr Ross Anderson by phoning 1300 134 081 or emailing reception@museum.wa.gov.au