See Harrison Craig – Kings of Vegas at the QPT

Harrison Craig performs a homage to Las Vegas favourites from Nat King Cole to Sinatra's Rat Pack, Elvis Presley to Tom Jones plus many more on Thursday July 13 at Queens Park Theatre. Performing songs from Craig's newly released album, Kings of Vegas, this concert showcases Vegas greats old and new, plus a string of Harrison's own hits from his first two records. 

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Help Norris & Hyde IT reach their new goal for the World’s Greatest Shave

Last time we checked in with the team at Norris and Hyde IT about their World’s Greatest Shave they had a goal of $2500 to reach. Well guess what?? They have reached their original target! But… they have set themselves a new target of $5000.

And in a bid to get their team to raise even more money Rohan bravely (or stupidly) put up his hand to get an upper body wax, as well as shave his beard and hair BUT the catch is they need to raise $10,000 for him to do it! Not only will you be helping an amazing cause by donating but you will give everyone at Norris & Hyde (and anyone else who attends the shave) a LOT of entertainment.

In case you missed our last post and you are wondering who else is going to be shaving or colouring for ‘The IT CrewCutz’ Team, there is Rohan, Stacey, Rene, Tom, John and now even Travis has gotten on the beard growing wagon.

The IT CrewCutz team will be colouring and shaving their hair and beards (and possibly waxing upper bodies) on the 18th March’17 12pmat Bite’Z Tavern - Come down and support the team – there will be $2 raffle tickets available for sale with some great prizes including some Bite’Z Tavern vouchers!

You can join in the fun and colour or shave your hair with the Norris & Hyde Team. PLUS if you do you will go in the draw for some great prizes – 

  • All ladies shaving will be entered into a draw for beauty vouchers from Mariella’s Glam and Make-up Artistry.
  • All ladies colouring will be entered into a draw for a personal training session @ Sculpt worth $50.00
  • All men participating will be entered in a draw to win a 1 month free pass @ Anytime Fitness Geraldton, worth $80.00

Norris & Hyde IT would like to thank everyone for their donations and support! From the Local businesses in town taking on collection tins, to everyone donating to the cause and those donating prizes for the big day! They couldn’t have done this without the massive support from the community!

There is still time to donate @


Kasey Chambers is bringing her Dragonfly Tour to Geraldton

Kasey Chambers, an iconic Australian singer-songwriter, has announced her highly anticipated 11th studio album – Dragonfly. And she is bringing the Dragonfly tour to the Queens Park Theatre on Friday 28th April at 8pm.

Dragonfly showcases a truly accomplished and much loved Australian artist at the top of her game, baring her heart and soul - with more to say than ever before. Joining forces with Kasey are a string of truly amazing musical guests including Vika and Linda Bull, Keith Urban, Paul Kelly, Foy Vance, Harry Hookey, Ed Sheeran and Grizzlee Train.

Tickets are seeling fast, get yours today from

See Kasey’s song Ain’t No Little Girl here -


Regarding 7 day trading and deregulated trading hours in Geraldton

To lighten a Monday morning, I posted a tongue in cheek message on our Facebook page about CGG not being open on Sunday. 

Anyone who's been following Everything Geraldton for more than 5 minutes knows we've been supporters of deregulated trading hours for a long time. But I acknowledge the fact that those who make the laws that will affect the days retailers have to work, are themselves not compelled to work on a Sunday. Hence the post. 

Mayor Van Styn rightly pointed out that the services that make sense for the CGG to open on a Sunday, such as Aquarena, the tip, and the Library, are in fact open. Not to mention others such as the Visitor Centre. 

So while I personally fall on the side of free trading hours for all business owners, I DO understand some of the arguments against 7 day trading, and am sympathetic to them. 

But as always when this topic rears its head, most often the arguments are made by those with the most to gain/lose. 

For example, a few years ago we pointed out the hypocrisy when a certain local supermarket that is open each Sunday, funded a campaign that argued that Sundays were a family and sports day, and thus businesses should not be open. Except them of course. 

During council meeting debates another local business owner stood up and argued that he could not sell Vegemite as cheap as Woolworths or Coles, and that's why the big supermarkets shouldn't be allowed to open on Sunday. 

I nearly choked. Here a man was arguing that council needed to do what was best for HIM, rather than what was best for the 40,000 Geraldton residents. 

Hey, I'm sympathetic to a small business trying to compete. Try launching a small media start-up in a town like Geraldton and see how well treated you are by the likes of SevenWest.  But believe me, the council has never had a mandate to protect the interests of a handful of millionaire businessmen over the needs of the single parent trying to make ends meet. 

So what does deregulated trading hours actually mean?

When you walk around a shopping centre in Perth or Mandurah on a Sunday, you'll notice something very interesting. Many, sometimes most, of the independent retailers are closed. They don't have to open. And they choose not to. Coles / Woolworths / Kmart etc are always open. 

So just because the CGG is trialling deregulated trading hours, doesn't mean retailers will be obligated to open. 

In addition, most small retailers ALREADY have deregulated trading hours. 

This fact is often lost in the debate. 

So why are some business owners opposed to deregulated trading hours?

Competition. Plain and simple. The biggest losers of full deregulated trading will be anyone who owns small supermarket. Their unique selling proposition is (mostly) that they're open more often. 

There is one other reason, and it has to do with the fact that it is best for a community if EVERYONE is closed on Sunday. I can see the logic to this argument, and there are in fact business owners in town that subscribe to this view. These business owners COULD open if they wanted, but they put their money where their mouth is, and you can't call them hypocrites. 

Other businesses also have overlap with places like Target and Coles.

These businesses currently survive without having to open on a Sunday. But, should we all decide that Sunday is our new shopping day, Target would pick up that trade, leaving smaller business with a tough decision... open on Sunday to compete, or lose money, or go broke and close the doors. 

Some small business owners argue that as soon as Coles, Woolworths, Target etc have eliminated enough of their competition, they'll simply go back to trading whenever suits them, and that may or may not include Sunday, thus leaving Geraldton worse off in the long run. 

A case in point is the Woolworths fuel when it moved to Geraldton. 

For a short while, they were super competitive on price. They would always be lower than all the fuel stations in town, and there was just no way any fuel station nearby could compete. Woolworths could sell fuel at a loss for a century without blinking. Sure enough, the other fuel retailers in the centre of town closed down completely. And guess what Woolworths did after that. Yes, they raised their prices. By a lot. The other fuel stations learned the lesson, and didn't try to compete on price with Woolworths any more, making sure their price each day was slightly more than Woolies, and Geraldton went back to having fuel prices substantially higher than Perth, with MLA Ian Blayney having to send letters questioning why our fuel is so dear. (Although it should be noted, right now Geraldton fuel prices are on par with metro prices).

But it's hard to argue that deregulated trading is bad for jobs or tourism. Surely it's quite the opposite. And small businesses around WA seem to be doing just fine everywhere else there's deregulated trading hours. Moreover, it's council's job to make decisions that will be best for ALL of the residents, not just a handful of business people.  

Some of the laws currently make no sense!

There's a few businesses that currently can't open on a Sunday that make no sense at all. For example, BCF, the kind of store you desperately want to visit on a Sunday, cannot trade on Sunday. But Bunnings right next door is ok to open on Sunday. And certain franchises, because of how they are corporately structured, even though they're owned and run locally with just a small staff, are not allowed to open on a Sunday. 

There's also a limit on the amount of staff you can have if you open on a Sunday. So some busy stores that trade on Sunday are forced to NOT HIRE MORE STAFF because they'd lose their ability to trade on Sunday, which they love. 

So what does it come down to?

The decision regarding deregulated trading hours basically comes down to whether you believe the following:

1. All business owners should be allowed to choose when they open and close. 
2. Council should decide when each businesses should be allowed to open and close. And the more successful businesses should be penalised. 

How will this trial work?

It's worth noting that even in this trial, trading hours are not completely deregulated. 

You can click here to read about the CGG deregulated trading hours trial. 

The CGG have said that "At the end of the 12 month trail period a review will be conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of the deregulation of general retail trading hours as a means to stimulate economic activity and meet community needs and preferences."

It would be nice to know the exact parameters the CGG are using to measure the success or lack-thereof with this trial. It's unclear what "a review" will consist of. It could be the Mayor walking around town asking 5 people and getting a rough feel for things. Or it could be based on actual trading figures from dozens of retailers.

If the public is given, up front, a very clear picture of how the review will be carried out, and how the success of the trial will be determined, we could rest easy knowing that if it's clear that the new trading hours are not in the public's interest, it will be scrapped. And if it is in our interest, it will be implemented permanently. 

Best Geraldton Photos to Win ‘The Ultimate Geraldton Package’

Playful people

Both professional and amateur photographers are being urged to share their best photos of Geraldton for a chance to win ‘The Ultimate Geraldton Package.’

As part of a new tourism campaign, the City of Greater Geraldton and Geraldton Visitor Centre is encouraging people to share their favourite Geraldton photos via social media with the hashtags #Geraldton and #JustanotherdayinWA.

The best photo will win ‘The Ultimate Geraldton Package’, valued at $2000 comprising of luxury accommodation, Abrolhos tours, pamper packages, fine dining and golf. 

To be in the running to win The Ultimate Geraldton Package, simply upload your favourite photos of Geraldton to your personal Facebook and/or Instagram accounts and include the hashtags #Geraldton and #JustanotherdayinWA. Be sure your photo sharing settings are set to public.

You will also need to stop by to fill in the entry form for a chance to win the prize. There is no limit to the number of entries.

The Ultimate Geraldton Package will go to the photographic entry with the most shares, likes, comments and general engagement.

The winner will be contacted via their social media account and announced early April. 
The #Geraldton campaign is an initiative of the City of Greater Geraldton’s Growing Greater Geraldton Growth Plan.

The package includes:

  • Accommodation for two in a Mantra harbour view apartment for two nights
  • Two Abrolhos Ship Wreck tours courtesy of Geraldton Air Charter 
  • Two dining vouchers from award-winning Skeetas Restaurant
  • Spalding Park Golf Club combination of 9 holes of golf and four 30 minute sessions on the Southern Hemisphere’s second biggest golf simulator
  • A pamper package from premier hairdressing salon ‘Cut Loose’ including one-on-one consult with owner Theresa Italiano, haircut, pampering head massage, conditioning and blow dry 
  • Six bottles of Chapman River premium award-winning extra virgin olive oil.

Come join Marty’s Party at the QPT

Parents are you tired of sing-along and stuffed characters?
Then this is a MUST SEE show for you and your family.

Loaded with gizmos, gadgets and weird inventions, MARTY PUTZ and his madcap comedy show MARTY'S PARTY has been labelled the "Jackass for seven year olds!!” He is infectious and fun, cheeky and charming and kids can't get enough of him.

Full of audience participation, you'd better warm up your vocal chords and stretch your throwing arm. This 60 minutes plus of mayhem will have you hurling, ducking, screaming, laughing.... and most fun of all, you'll be doing it as a family.

PARENTAL WARNING: you, yourself might act like a 10 year old.
A one hour family comedy show, suitable for all ages.
Marty will be performing at the QPT on Monday 13 March at 6.00 pm, get your tickets now and go into the running to win a family pass to Erth’s Prehistoric Aquarium! Book now on


Get the NEW Kylie Minogue Eyewear at Specsavers

Specsavers Geraldton is delighted to introduce another exclusive range of designer glasses to their collection, designed by pop and fashion icon Kylie Minogue.

Inspired by the understated elegance of her favourite designers and ever-evolving style, this range has a beautiful mix of designs from modern classics, hints of subtle bling, to Kylie's favourite – reinvented vintage. Designed to be more lifestyle specific than age specific, there is a frame in this collection for everyone.

The collection comprises of twenty five optical frames and four prescription sunglasses. All frames proudly feature the K-star logo and Kylie Minogue typeface for a chic but understated hint of Kylie glamour. Wherever the design has allowed a premium spring hinge has been added for extra stability.

A beautiful rose gold glasses case with a K-star embellished logo and Kylie Minogue Eyewear cleaning cloth has also been designed by Kylie to compliment the range.

Even if you have a small face, you can make a big impression by wearing the right pair of glasses. At Kylie's request, there are a number of petite styles in the collection for women who, like Kylie, struggle to find that perfect pair of glasses for a smaller face.

Try on Kylie’s new range from today 9th of March at Specsavers Geraldton and get 2 pairs from $199 including standard single vision lenses. T&Cs apply.


Sugar Blue Burlesque with Famous Sharron

Are you looking for something fun to do this Saturday night, after a hard day of voting in the WA State Elections?

Famous Sharron is here with the performers of Sugar Blue Burlesque and our local Burlesque Artistes to entertain you, make you laugh, gasp and leave you shivering at the edge of your seat.

Delights will start from 7pm in the QPT foyer, cabaret style, with our local Burlesque Troupe.

Come and be titillated and charmed...

Why not make it a Girls Night Out with this amazing deal - 
By purchasing tickets to this show, you are eligible for the $40 Pizza + Bubbly deal! Simply book a table at the Provincial Geraldton and present your tickets upon arrival to receive a pizza and bottle of Champagne for just $40. Offer only valid on night of the performance.

Show is suitable for an audience 15 years and over, includes mild nudity.
Cabaret style seating in the very front of the stage is $40, all other tickets $35

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Win $500 each week at Stirlings Central

It couldn’t be simpler for you to have a chance at winning $500.

All you need to do is shop at any Stirlings Central store and spend $20 or more. Then fill in the entry form and drop it in the barrel. Simple!

A new winner will be picked each week to win the $500, so make sure you shop often at Stirlings Central. With Woolworths and Best and Less plus over 30 stores you have all your shopping needs in one place.

There is an exciting opportunity happening at Stirlings Central too. Muffin Break is looking for a franchisee to open a store within Stirlings Central. If you would like more information, please visit -


Feature: Batavia Coast Marina


The Batavia Coast Marina is a serene spot to take the kids, or relax with your friends.

With beautiful views of the dancing boats on the glistening water, it is a great location to stretch your legs and enjoy the fresh air.


There is a playground for the kids to band up and ward off pirates from their ship.

The rocks are lovely for spotting crabs, relaxing and practicing your skimming skills. 


The jetty is an awesome place to get dirty and do some fishing.

The location is super central, walking distance from the Museum, the Foreshore and café/restaurant, Skeetas.

The Batavia Coast Marina was set into plan as early as 1988 and opened in 1995. It was a $14,000,000 project that attracts tourists all year round and truly was a wonderful development.

The Marina is a fantastic spot with something for everyone, see for yourself!


Community, Respect and Equality March Workshops

Funding received to enable Community, Respect and Equality Champions to step up and speak out against violence. 

The Community, Respect and Equality Project has recently been successful in securing WA Police Community Crime Prevention funding for its Community Champions Pilot Project. The project will be seeking community members who are willing and able to role model respectful behaviour and be a visible leader within the community. Champions will be provided with training around family and domestic violence and how to safely ‘call out’ violence supportive behaviours such as jokes and inappropriate behaviours within community settings. Champions will also feature in various media, social media and poster campaigns and appear at community events.

Community, Respect and Equality Project Officer, Margie Robinson said “Geraldton has one of the highest incident rates of family and domestic violence (FDV) per capita in Western Australia. The Community, Respect and Equality project looks to address this at a whole of community level through initiatives that promote respect and equality in a range of settings including workplaces, sporting clubs, schools and community events. The Community Champions Pilot Project gives individuals in the community the opportunity to step up and speak out against violence in a united and positive way.”

“We will be holding community workshops on the Community, Respect and Equality Project in the near future and we encourage interested community members to attend these and speak to project staff if they are interested in the Champions Pilot Program.”, Ms. Robinson said. “We welcome people of all ages and from any community sector to come on board as a champion.”

Chrysalis Support Service received funding from the Department of Social Services for the Community, Respect and Equality Project. The project will develop a Strategic Action Plan for the primary prevention of family and domestic violence in Geraldton. The Plan will focus on initiatives such as the Community Champions Pilot Program that challenges accepted behaviours and social norms that condone violence and reinforce inequality and disrespect. 

Community, Respect and Equality Workshops will be held in March: 

  • Tuesday 14 March from 10am-12pm at PCYC (with a crèche available) 
  • Friday 17 March from 6pm -8pm at City Hive 184 Marine Terrace

Refreshments will be provided. The workshops will provide information on the project and workshop ideas about how we can start to address FDV as a community. Anyone who has an interest in increasing respect and preventing violence in our community is encouraged to attend. To reserve your place contact Margie via the online contact form at or call 9964 2742. You can also follow the Community, Respect and Equality Project on Facebook.

BreastScreen WA Truck is in Geraldton until 22nd March

If you are a woman aged 40 or over you can access the FREE screening mammography service in Geraldton. BreastScreen WA’s mobile service will be located at Geraldton Regional Hospital, carpark off Milford Street from 16/02/2017 to 22/03/2017.

Breast cancer is the most common life threatening cancer for women and one in eight women in Australia will develop breast cancer in their lifetime.

Having a screening mammogram (breast x-ray) every two years significantly increases the chance of a woman surviving breast cancer and reduces the amount of treatment required. More than 75% of breast cancers occur in women over the age of 50. Research shows that screening is most effective for this age group.
BreastScreen WA’s Medical Director Dr Elizabeth Wylie, said screening mammography was the most effective method for early detection of breast cancer.

“Screening every two years is vitally important to increase the chance of a breast cancer being detected when it is too small to feel or be noticed. Finding a cancer at this early stage often means that the breast cancer is small and more treatable”.

“A free screening mammogram is one of the best things that women can do to look after their health. Breast screening saves lives and only takes 20 minutes,” said Dr Wylie.

Screening mammograms may detect up to 90% of breast cancers.

Any woman with a persistent change in a breast should see her doctor immediately.

BreastScreen WA encourages women to make an informed decision about having a mammogram. For more information please visit the BreastScreen WA website

To make your free screening mammogram appointment – book online or call 13 20 50.
Early detection is your best protection.


What have we come to?

The following is published as part of the Young Voices initiative, a program that pays students in Geraldton to publish articles they write. Click here to learn more.

Australia, a land of "golden soil and wealth for toil", a land "girt by sea". We have a land abounding in "nature's gifts", thought to be "beautiful, rich and rare". Geraldton, a small country town, is contiguous with beautiful beaches, covered with a wide range of parks, sporting complexes and infrastructure, and is filled with many amazing small businesses run by locals. 

Though, this leads me to ask: Why isn't our town, our pristine beaches, and our locally run shops and services flocked with young adults like myself? Why are really cool activities and opportunities bypassed so easily by us teenagers. Why is it so hard for our parents to just get us outside?

What is the first thing that you think of when approached upon the characteristics of a teenager? I guarantee that the majority of people think of the intoxication and addiction to phones that we as a generation adhere. See, people our age prefer to live their phone rather than in the world surrounding us. We prefer to talk with our fingers, play sports with our thumbs and listen to music through a cord. 

As a teen and ex-avid gamer myself, I can't deny that I once preferred to live in and control a simulated world than go outside and 'kick the footy.' 

However, lately I have found that the real world around us, Geraldton, Australia, has so much more to offer than a screen connected to a dark box of cables and circuits. I have found that there are too many iPhones, iPads overriding genuine smiles and conversation. The fact that we need to lift our eyes away from our screens and enjoy the amazing things our town have to offer; to once again realise that social media essentially makes us unsocial.

As a member of the future generation, I plead. I ask that we simply take a little more time to open our eyes and enjoy the life that our country town by the beach has to offer. To start acting upon and experiencing the things that we all have sung before in our very own Australian anthem. Australia is amazing, wake up.