Skydive For Suzy Turner.


Please Help!!

Skydive For Suzy Turner.

Hi all, 

I was recently diagnosed with Synovial sarcoma and as a result lost my left leg below the knee.

I am up and about again with a trainee leg but another young girl needs your help.

I will be completing a skydive with the help of Jurien Skydiving on Sunday 12th of April !!!

Suzy went to dancing as any other night, her life was about to change forever. February 2013, Suzy 17 

her leg broke while dancing. Revealing Suzy had osteosarcoma , her leg was amputated as a result and then 6 months of intense chemo followed to kill any cancer cells that may have got through. Nov 2013 chemo finished, CT scans every 3 months was the deal..All good...BUT Oct 2014 scan revealed tumours growing in Suzannes lungs. Radiation & Radiotherapy was tried ...sadly a big fail. Oncologist painted a bleak picture. 

I am the Dad bloody hell what to do.. discovered A German Cancer Clinic in Cologne Germany.. Doctor Robert Gorter told me today get her over here and we'll do our best to see she's a Grandmother. 


Suzy has taken the one leg onboard and never dropped her bundle. Suzanne is now 19.She is a true trooper, she could lead soldiers to war, no problem. This kid has to much to offer to give up without a fight.

HELP ME HELP ME get her there please................

 - Louise