7 innovative uses of the Geraldton wind which will blow you away

This article was written by a local student as part of the Young Voices initiative.

‘The Geraldton Wind’, a title in itself really. It’s something we have all experienced, through good and bad, through thick and thin. It’s a feature of Geraldton, an aspect. We all resent it, hate it, try to avoid it, but have to live around it. A day forecasted without wind is a rare occasion, a day of beauty. However, more often than not, it always comes back to haunt us.

We have all experienced the devastating wrath of the wind. However, it isn’t always a bad thing. There are times where the wind has made some unforgettable, often humorous memories. There have been times where the wind has worked out for the better. As a matter of fact, there are ways we can utilise the wind to our advantage. Here’s a list of a few ways we, as Gero locals, have been able to accomplish this.


1.  Drying Clothes Quickly

In its simplest form, hanging clothes up to dry is a common chore that many of us have to do on a daily basis. It takes just under an hour for a full wash of clothes, ten to fifteen minutes of pegging, then hours on end waiting for them to dry… I take that back. Twenty minutes to dry. The Geraldton wind dries everything and anything in absolute record time. Got no shirt and work in an hour? No worries, put it through a quick wash and hang them up. It’ll be done in no time. Got an art assignment due that morning? No worries, just dry it outside. To be honest, you probably don’t even need to take a towel to the beach.


2. Flying a.k.a. Kitesurfing

With the warmth, wind and beautiful beaches, Geraldton is highly regarded as an ideal spot for Kitesurfing and Windsurfing. If you’re willing to give it a shot, which I highly suggest you do, KiteWest in Geraldton can sort you out…

“Experience the thrill of kiteboarding with one of our internationally accredited trainers or take on everything the majestic coastline from Geraldton to Exmouth has to offer with one of our customized 4WD and camping tours.

Our qualified instructors can offer you individual or group lessons from beginner to advanced level. We provide top of the range equipment, as safety is our main concern.”



3. Intense Exercise/Workout

If you feel like shaping up for summer, or any particular occasion where your belly button is showing, I have the number one workout for you. Hop on your bicycle and go for a ride.

Whether you’re going to the beach, town, a mate’s house, whatever. I can assure you that you will have head-wind all the way there and all the way back. The wind knows which way you’re thinking of cycling, and it changes its path to make your life unbearable.

Use this to your advantage. Power through, work hard, and before you know it. You’ll have a cracker of a six pack under your shirt rather than under your arms.


4. Watering Your Neighbour’s Garden

We have all experienced a time where we have just bought a brand new sprinkler for our backyard, hosed it up and turned it on. Only to find out that half of it goes over the fence or across the street to the neighbour’s garden. This is once again the great work of the Geraldton wind. At first it’s frustrating, until you realise that there’s a much deeper meaning. A meaning that dates back to our school days, “Sharing is caring.”

Not to worry though, there will be days where your prized lawn will receive half of the neighbourhood's water supply in return.


5. Playing Frisbee, with Yourself

Growing up as an only child, I found that I was in a constant search of ways to entertain myself.

Most people who have thrown a frisbee before know that to throw a frisbee straight, you need to throw it flat. In Geraldton as a kid, I found this never works. The wind picks up the frisbee and sends it on a violently unpredictable pathway, often in the same way the wind is blowing. So I, being the triumphant little boy I was, decided to try to throw against the wind. The idea of attempting to ‘beat the wind’ was short lived as I found that the frisbeeactually ended up behind me. Though, I will admit that it was incredibly fun launching the frisbee into the wind and trying to anticipate its violent descent.


6. Reaching the Speed Limit on a Moped

This one is for all those 16 year old racers at heart with their new leather jacket, matte black helmet, gloves and a pathetically powered moped. These little machines are often used as a cheap means of transport. Fuel costs nothing, it lasts forever and can be legally ridden at the age of 16 and a half. However, the little lawnmower engine inside only has a top speed of around 80km/h and struggles to accelerate up to most of the speed limits around town. Unless, of course, the wind is pushing you. That’s right, if you’ve got a tailwind, your little pullback hot-wheel turns into a fully fledged Supermoto.


7. Using the Wind as an Excuse on Your Speed Ticket

Although this is considered to be a legitimate excuse by many, Geraldton Police didn’t accept “The wind was pushing me” on this driver’s ticket. However, if you’re willing to give it a shot, there’s nothing stopping you.


I’m sure that this isn’t all the things the wind is good for in Geraldton, if you have an idea, share it with us on our Facebook page!

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