Geraldton now has a coast cam - video

Thanks to Mid West Dev Commission and DoT, Geraldton now has a Coast Cam.  

Take a look at the video above. You can click here to visit the camera feed.  


Jason Smith

Jason Smith is the founder of Just Everything. He is also a local volunteer, law student, and home-schools his three kids. 

Video: We popped in to All Decor recently to check out their rug collection

We popped in to All Decor recently to take a look at their rug collection.


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Jason Smith

Jason Smith is the founder of Just Everything. He is also a local volunteer, law student, and home-schools his three kids. 

Surveillance footage of bedroom window smashed with baseball bat

This is video surveillance of a couple of people who smashed a family's bedroom window at 12:45 Sunday morning with a baseball bat, causing about $500 damage.
The home owners are asking for the public's help in identifying the people involved. 
"This has really shaken us up."
If you know who was involved, please call Geraldton Police on 9923 4555. 

This mentorship program is having a very positive effect on kids

Kids from very different walks of life are being changed in positive ways through this innovative program, where students from a local private school work alongside students from a more disadvantaged area.

This Geraldton woman is sailing around the world, and just scored a new million dollar yacht

Elayna Carausu, born and bred in Gero, teamed up with Riley Whitelum from SA a few years ago. They started documenting their adventures sailing around the world on YouTube, and grew a large following.  

They've been funded by fans through a platform called Patreon, and now they've landed a sponsorship deal that will see them get a new catamaran in Feb. Have a look at the video above, or the long version below, and subscribe to their YouTube channel if you'd like to follow along. 

Watch the highway fragment apart just from being driven on

Watch the road on NWCH near CSBP get torn up just from this truck driving on it. This occurred yesterday, and is near the area where the road started melting recently. 
Thanks Brenton for the footage.

City Health Geraldton vandalised - Do you recognise these people?

"Last week City Health Geraldton was vandalised, on Monday 10/10 @5.30 in the afternoon. And then early TUES 11/10 @5am a staff members bike was stolen."
Do you recognise the offenders in this footage? 
Please contact police (9923 4555) if you have any information or call the practice on 99214433.

A story on an Aboriginal community from the view of a foreigner

We recently had American film maker and travel writer , Gareth Leonard, visit our School, Pia Wadjarri Remote Community School in the Mid West Education District. We are only a bit over three hours from Geraldton, our main shopping centre, and near the Murchison Settlement.

He was interested in seeing a positive story about Aboriginal communities after hearing lots of negative stories

Here is the film he produced.

- Kevin McKenna

Thanks Dongara Police - "They were waiting on the highway for him"

"A community thank you to the Dongara Police. We are driving to Perth and some maniac was aggressively tailgating us at 110km speed within a metre or two of our bumper (and then proceeded to tailgate those in front of us). We were about 30km north of Dongara so I called ahead and notified the police about the car. They were waiting on the highway for him and had pulled him over as we passed. Fantastic response time!"