Restaurant Supervisor


  • open and close the restaurant in accordance with restaurant procedures;
  • assign tasks, responsibilities and service stations to floor staff;
  • provide a hand over to supervisors and duty managers on completion of shifts;
  • provide relief duties in the absence of other Supervisors when on personal or annual leave;
  • ensure the clocking on and off procedures are complied with inclusive of break periods;
  • take bookings, telephone enquiries and receipt of monies;
  • greet customers and ensure they are seated promptly;
  • resolve customer complaints;
  • comply with administration and HR systems, policies and procedures;
  • attend supervisor and management meetings as required;
  • participate in the recruitment, orientation and training of floor staff;
  • monitor staff performance, identify skill gaps and provide training;
  • ensure uniform and grooming standards are maintained;
  • performance manage floor staff and implement a disciplinary procedure as required; and
  • monitor stock control and ordering.

Core Competencies Values – actively support the values of the business by maintaining a positive image, acting ethically and honestly and promoting relationships in a positive and professional manner.

Customer Focus – realise that our customers are why the restaurant exists, strive to understand their needs and excel in meeting expectations.

Incident Reporting – Report and document/record all accidents, incidents, injuries, hazards and property damage.

Instructions – Follow all reasonable work instructions, and perform all duties within your skills, competencies and abilities. Other tasks not specified in this PD may be required providing they can be performed in a safe manner.

Safety First – comply with all safety policies and systems to maintain a safe work environment for yourself and others at all times.

Team spirit – respect work colleagues. Work cooperatively to ensure the best outcome is achieved and continually strive to improve the work environment.

Mandatory Skills

  • Intermediate computer skills
  • RSA Certificate
  • Approved Liquor Manager Certificate / ID Card Mandatory Attributes
  • Able to work in a team environment
  • Able to lead by example
  • Ability to work unsupervised
  • Self Motivated
  • Punctual & reliable
  • Must take pride in their work.
  • Must be a confident person.
  • Must have the desire to bend over backwards to please the customer.
  • Must have the desire go above and beyond the expectation of the employer.
  • Must pay attention to detail, and will not settle for anything less than the best.
  • Some who is willing to treat the business as their own.
  • Must be a happy, bubbly and friendly person.
  • Must have the ability to prioritise jobs in the order of importance.
  • Must be clean, tidy and well presented.
  • Someone who takes interest in people... remembers their name and what they like.
  • Someone not to proud to ask for help when needed for the benefit of the customer and business.

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