Manager Corporate Development Services




We are seeking the services of a well qualified, highly motivated Manager Corporate and Development Services (MCDS) for a dynamic and innovative rural local government. This is a key position that will work closely with the CEO to develop and implement various exciting and strategic plans over the coming months and years.

As MCDS you will be primarily responsible for the day to day supervision of Council’s administration, management of finances, community development, planning, building and health matters. You will have a strong Management and Financial background, and will ideally hold appropriate tertiary qualifications and experience relevant to the position, as well as a WA driver’s licence.

For the right person we offer attractive remuneration, up to the value of $184,300 per annum, including up to 15.5% superannuation along with quality subsidised housing as part of the package. The town offers an excellent primary school, with high schools in neighbouring Carnamah and Morawa, and a medical practice in town. There are also active sporting and social activities including golf, bowls, football and tennis. Perenjori offers a very friendly and safe community lifestyle with a very low crime rate.

Perenjori is located just over three and a half hours from Perth and two hours from Geraldton and the coastal holiday spots of Jurien Bay and Dongara. Perenjori is in the heart of wildflower country and each year the countryside becomes a blaze of colour and an internationally renowned tourism magnet. Gaining a successful National Police Clearance is essential to this role. The Shire of Perenjori is an equal opportunity employer, and offers a safe and drug free working environment.

Applications can be submitted either by email or post and will only be accepted by our recruitment representative, whose details are shown below. Please do not hand deliver applications to the Shire Offices. Applications close 4pm, 16 February 2018. To find out more contact the recruitment representative between 9am and 5pm weekdays.

Tanya Camerelli Camerelli Associates PO Box 313, Geraldton WA 6531 3 / 65 Durlacher St, Geraldton WA
M: 0457 000 618

Canvassing of Councillors or Shire Employees will disqualify an applicant.


Selection on the Basis of Merit The Shire of Perenjori is an equal opportunity employer. All applications for this position will be assessed against the same criteria included in the position description and application package. No decision will be made until after the advertised closing date. Interviews will be conducted by a panel, which may include external recruitment professionals, council representatives, the CEO, or another Shire Employee. Selection will be based on which applicant demonstrates the highest merit for the position, their past experience, qualifications, an ability to carry out the required tasks and a willingness to grow and develop with the Shire as they enter a time of growth and change.

What to include in your application Your application should include the following information:

  • A letter of introduction
  • A copy of your current Resumé including contact details of two employment referees
  • A statement addressing the selection criteria of the final page of this document

Applications should not be submitted in plastic sleeves, binders or files. Please do not submit originals of important documents such as qualifications and references. Submit photocopies only.

Statement Addressing Selection Criteria

The selection criteria are the most important part of your application. They are based on the essential skills, knowledge, experience, qualifications and training stated in the position description.

Your application must contain a statement specifically addressing each of the ESSENTIAL selection criteria. If appropriate to you, you may also choose to address the HIGHLY REGARDED selection criteria. Please include examples, which demonstrate how you meet the requirements of each objective. Address each item separately and include measurable results to demonstrate your historical abilities in meeting the criteria. It is also important to link the Selection Criteria statements to the requirements of the position, as stated in the position description.


You should also attach a copy of your current resumé, listing academic achievement, professional training, memberships and relevant employment experience.


You should include the names and contact details of two referees to provide information on your past work performance. Please inform you referees that you have shared their details.

One copy only

You should provide us with only one copy of your complete application.

Late Applications

Ensure your application is received prior to the closing date and time, late applications will not be considered.

Post Application Process

Short listed applicants will be contacted by telephone to arrange an interview. Unsuccessful applicants will be advised in writing once the recruitment process is completed.

Pre-employment Medical

The successful applicant may be required to undertake a pre-employment medical examination prior to commencement at the Council’s expense.

Canvassing, coercing or influencing of Councillors or Shire staff will disqualify an applicant.

Address for Applications

Applications should be addressed to: Postal: Tanya Camerelli ATT: MCDS – Confidential Camerelli Associates PO Box 313 Geraldton WA 6531

Subject: MCDS - Confidential

Further Information

Should you require further information about the position, please contact Tanya Camerelli on the email address above or by calling mobile: 0457 000 618


Perenjori was founded in 1916 and is located in the Mid West Region just over 350 kilometers north east of Perth. It is on the northeastern fringe of the agricultural region.

The Shire of Perenjori has a population of approximately 660 people, covers an area of over 8,000 square kilometers and has a road network of more than 1700 kilometers.

The Shire’s major population centre is Perenjori, with a smaller centre at Latham. Both centres boast excellent sporting facilities including a licensed sports club, golf course, bowling greens and tennis courts. In addition, Perenjori has a primary school, swimming pool, football/cricket oval, hockey field and squash courts. Not surprisingly much of Perenjori’s social life is built around the school, sporting clubs and family life.

The Perenjori economy is primarily based on broadacre agriculture. There is an iron ore industry in the region which offers significant potential for future population and economic growth. Much of the pastoral land within the Shire has been earmarked for future conservation reserve. Perenjori is in the heart of wildflower country and every spring the countryside is a blaze of colour, with endless vistas of pink, yellow and white everlastings from July to October, and the unique Wreath Leschenaultia in September and October.

Further information on the Shire of Perenjori can be located on Council’s website at .


The position of Manager Corporate and Development Services is subject to a performance based contract of between three to five years duration in accordance with the Local Government Act.

The agreed value of the remuneration package; will be generally inclusive of the following components:

  • Base Salary – Negotiated between $100,000 and $120,000 dependent on experience.
  • Housing – An executive residence, suitable to the needs of the candidate is offered. Valued at approximately $16,800 per annum.
  • Vehicle – an SUV is provided with unlimited private use. Value $15,000 per annum.
  • Council provides a mobile telephone for business purposes.
  • Professional Development to the value of $3000 per annum.
  • Leave - Annual Leave of 5 weeks per annum. Personal Leave of 10 days per annum.
  • Sick leave, long service leave and other benefits and conditions in the Local Government Officers Award are included in the package.
  • Superannuation – Guarantee 9.5%, plus a 6% Council matching contribution - subject to an individual 5% contribution.
  • All power, water and phone utility costs are carried by Council, subject to a $6000 per annum limit.
  • Uniform Allowance of $400 per annum.
  • Relocation expenses up to a maximum of $4,500 (conditional reimbursement based on time spent in the role).


1. TITLE Manager Corporate and Development Services
2. LEVEL Negotiated
3. DEPARTMENT/SECTION Administration/Finance/Community Development/Planning Building/Health

4.1 Objectives of Position Assist the Chief Executive Officer with the strategic management and administration of the Shire of Perenjori and its activities in accordance with policy and direction of Council.

As a key member of the senior executive team, provide strategic input and direction to various projects and work activities.

Ensure that the Councils’ finances are managed in accordance with the Local Government Act 1995, relevant Local Government Regulations and Australian Accounting Standards. Support the continued focus of community development and community engagement in accordance with the Community Strategic Plan.

Consistently promote a harmonious working environment within the administration and the Shire as a whole.

Ensure all Planning, Building, Health, CESM and Ranger matters are attended to efficiently by directing the relevant contract services and providers involved.

Oversee the efficient and effective operations of the Perenjori Caravan Park, Aquatic Centre and Perenjori Early Childhood Centre (PECC), under the direction of their respective Managers.

4.2 Within the Section Provide day to day supervision and direction to Council finance, administrative staff and contractors providing services on behalf of the Shire.

4.3 With the Organisation Provide assistance, advice and information to CEO, Council and senior staff on the strategic, community, finance and corporate services matters affecting the Shire. Provide advice and information for the financial management of Council’s operations.


The successful candidate will take responsibility for:

  • The full Financial Management function for the Shire of Perenjori including the preparation of budgets and financial reports to the standard required by the Local Government Financial Management Regulations and relevant Australian Accounting Standards.
  • Customer service in all areas, including Planning, Community Development, Building, Health, CESM and Ranger matters.
  • The effective and efficient operations of the Perenjori Caravan Park, Aquatic Centre and PECC.



  • Responsible for the organisation’s accounting procedures and practices and ensure compliance with the Australian Accounting Standards as applicable and the Local Government Act.
  • Oversee the preparation of monthly and annual financial reports in accordance with statutory requirements and presentation to Council.
  • Manage jointly with the Chief Executive Officer the preparation of the Annual Budget and ensure financial control is maintained.
  • Responsible jointly with Chief Executive Officer for investment of surplus Council funds.
  • Report monthly to the Council meeting on matters relating to finance operations.
  • Provide explanations for all audit queries and implement any necessary system changes.
  • Work with key community stakeholders to identify community needs and goals and help develop projects and proposals to address these needs.
  • Prepare grant applications and submissions and monitor resulting projects.
  • Work with neighbouring local governments to develop joint projects when appropriate.

Planning, Building, Health, CESM and Rangers

  • Contract suitable persons to attend to planning, building and health, Ranger services and CESM matters.
  • Manage the contracted persons and departments, ensuring adequate work is being performed and reports are provided to Council.
  • Ensure the Town Planning Scheme is up to date and reviewed. Community and Club Development
  • Oversee the areas of Community and Club Development with an aim to creating growth and expansion for the community.
  • Ensure effective community engagement is keeping the community well informed.
  • Manage the persons within these roles and support them to perform their duties and create further opportunities for the Shire and it’s inhabitants.
  • Guide Development staff members to align their outcomes with Perenjori’s strategic and economic development plans.

Perenjori Caravan Park, Aquatic Centre, Perenjori Early Childhood Centre (PECC)

  • Ensure these three individual business units operate safely and efficiently, and comply with all relevant legislation and policies.
  • Support and supervise staff to perform duties as per their PD’s.
  • Ensure the Caravan Park is well marketed and is linked with regional and state marketing opportunities.

Cleaning Staff

  • Support and supervise the Head Cleaner, and the team of casual cleaners.
  • Quality control as required, ensuring efficiency is achieved across all cleaning areas.


  • Ensure Shire compliance with standards, requirements and deadlines set out in the Local Government Act 1995, related regulations and other statutes.
  • Attend all Council and Committee meetings as required.
  • Supervise the maintenance of Shire Records and preparation of minutes of all Council meetings and Committees as required. 
  • Supervise administration staff.
  • Manage Council’s insurance portfolio.
  • Oversee preparations for Council elections, i.e. Electoral Roll, advertising etc and act as Deputy Returning Officer.
  • Maintain documentation for leases, agreements, contracts, rentals, etc and oversee Property Management as per policy and legislation.
  • Ensure the Council Policy Manual, Delegations Register and Employee Manual are developed, maintained and implemented across all work areas.
  • Assist in guiding staff through the changes associated with organisational structure development.

Computer System

  • Manage the computer system and resources.
  • Develop and plan for staged upgrades and continuing updates of the system.

Occupational Health and Safety

  • Manage the Council’s Occupational Health and Safety Policies and ensure implementation. Other Duties
  • All other duties and responsibilities as directed by Chief Executive Officer.
  • May act as Chief Executive Officer during periods of absence or leave, when appointed in writing.
  • Assist with the Coordination of staff training programs.
  • Support Change Management and the development of Organisational Structure.

The Shire of Perenjori is entering an exciting time of growth and development. This role requires a dynamic, innovative and adaptable person who is ready to work along with the team to achieve a number of exciting outcomes over the coming years.

Strategic and economic development plans, along with some adjustments to the organisational structure, are guiding the Shire through these advancements and the Manager Corporate and Development Services will be a significant contributor to their success.

If you feel this exciting and challenging role is exactly what you are looking for, we look forward to hearing from you.


7.1 Responsible to: Chief Executive Officer
7.2 Supervision of: Administration and Finance Staff, Community Development Staff, Caravan Park/ Aquatic Centre/PECC staff, Cleaners, Contract Planning, building, health, CESM and Ranger services.
7.3 Internal and External Liaison: Internal President and Council, all other staff and employees

External General public, community groups and associations, government departments, other local governments, suppliers, consultants, legal practitioners


  • Operates under limited direction of the Chief Executive Officer and Council within established guidelines, procedures; within the policies of Council; and within the statutory provisions of the Local Government Act and other legislation.
  • Authorises payments in conjunction with the Chief Executive Officer in accordance with Council Delegation.
  • May be appointed as the Chief Executive Officer whilst the Chief Executive Officer is absent, when requested in writing.



1. Detailed knowledge of Financial management practices and requirements in a medium to large organisation, evidenced by hands on experience.

2. Team leadership and supervision, including mentorship, positive culture development, and change management.

3. Well developed verbal and written communication skills across a variety of platforms, including senior management, employees, community members and key stakeholders.

4. Sound knowledge of information technology including computer systems and software operations.

5. Interpersonal skills including conflict resolution, negotiating and public relations.

6. Well developed decision-making abilities, with innovative problem solving skills.

7. Hold, or be substantially advanced in studies towards, Degree or Diploma level qualifications in Finance.

8. Hold a current and unrestricted “C” class drivers licence.

Highly Regarded:

1. Local Government experience at a senior level.
2. Demonstrated knowledge of corporate and strategic planning.
3. Sound knowledge of Community Development practice and principles.
4. Sound knowledge of Planning, Building, Health, CESM and Ranger services requirements.