Pollinators Learning Program Lead and Space Services 2IC

Pollinators Inc are recruiting for a part-time person to lead on their learning programs and support Pollinators Space Lead.

The offer is for 12 hours per week to start with ( 2 x 6 hr days - can be school hours) with the opportunity to increase hours based on future learning income opportunities and funding outcomes.

This role will suit a mature person with a genuine interest and experience in training delivery, programming, and small business success.

Learning Lead Role:

  • To facilitate diverse learning opportunities that enable growth and development of individuals, ventures and communities.

  • Increase our community’s resilience by improving the economic viability of ventures,

  • Increase members' skills such that they are recognised as delivering high quality training, responsive to the needs of the community,

  • Provide programs that meet varied needs of ventures throughout their lifespan, from start up to maturity,

  • Use digital delivery platforms to connect people across regional WA with each other, expertise and learning opportunities.

Space Services Role:

Our space team work with members and coworkers to ensure CityHive is maintained as a high-quality work and meeting space. This is a great opportunity for a mature person to work in Geraldton's most desirable, creative and professional workspace. High computer literacy is essential.

Pollinators Inc - CityHive
Email: chair@pollinators.org.au