Why does Everything Geraldton publish speed camera locations?

As you may know, we publish speed camera locations as we become aware of them. We publish their locations on our Facebook page, and our smartphone app. If you have our smartphone app and have push notifications activated, you may also receive alerts about speed cameras via push message. 

From time to time, we are asked why we publish speed camera locations. While the vast majority of people like us publishing them, there is a minority of people who believe that by publishing the camera locations we are in fact promoting speeding and irresponsible driving, or if not, at least preventing criminals who speed from receiving their just punishment.  


These are the reasons we publish speed camera locations

  1. Keeping people aware of speed camera locations keeps a reminder in the front of people's minds to drive slowly.
  2. Speed camera locations are published by the police department, and the state government and the police have both said that the reason they publish the locations each day is to get people to slow down, as the goal of the exercise is not to fine people but to encourage people to drive slower. 
  3. Speed camera locations are published in the local newspaper, but much of Everything Geraldton's audience does not purchase a newspaper and would like the information anyway.
  4. There has been no findings we are aware of that demonstrate that alerting people to the presence of speed cameras causes people to speed, increases road accidents or has any other negative effect on driving.  
  5. The overwhelming bulk of the Everything Geraldton audience are people who generally respect road rules and simply like to be reminded keep an eye on the speedo. We believe most people are trying to do the right thing and a gentle reminder about the possibility of a fine if they speed a little helps to slow them down.
  6. We also alert the community to the presence of reckless driving or traffic hazards. We have posted on our platforms when there have been high speed chases, traffic hazards caused by irresponsible passers by, hoon/reckless drivers, road blockages caused by trucks, traffic accidents, and more. We clearly have a goal of trying to keep people safer on the road. 

RBT / Booze Busses

We have chosen not to provide alerts about the presence of RBT's/Booze Busses, even though we are often alerted to their presence by members of the community. 

The reason this is the case is as follows: 

If someone sees an alert for a speed camera, they are very unlikely to take a different route to their destination in order to speed. They will simply proceed as normal but slow down, thus we have achieved our goal in getting people to slow down and making the roads safer. 

If someone sees an alert for a Booze Bus, the ONLY reason that would be of any value to them is if they HAD been drinking. If that was the case, they WOULD take a different way home and we would have failed in making the roads safer. For the safety of everyone they SHOULD be removed from the road. 

Having said all that...

We totally understand why people may still be upset over of the publishing of speed camera locations, and we honestly mean no offence and are genuinely trying to do the right thing by the community. We respect your opinions and do not claim that you are wrong and we are right. We are simply trying to act as best we can with the information available to us. 

If you know of any research or study that does in fact demonstrate that alerting the community to the presence of speed cameras increases road trauma, then please forward it to us at geraldton@justeverything.com.au

We have thought long and hard about the right and wrong of the matter, and we believe at this stage we are serving our audience and the community best by sharing the information that is shared with us. Certainly the vast majority of our users want the information published.

While speed cameras don't have an immediate ability to slow people down (unless the driver sees the flash of the camera), getting a fine in the mail a few weeks later does sting and can help towards making you drive slower. The camera operators do not deserve the vitriol and hate thrown at them so often, and we do not encourage it at all on Everything Geraldton. They serve a purpose, and ultimately we the people elected government officials partly based on their promises to reduce road trauma. If people don't believe that speed camera operators should exist at all, they should go to the trouble of taking the matter up with their local state representative, who's phone number and email address we publish in the Everything Geraldton app, or you can find their details online. 

We applaud any effective initiative that reduces road trauma, and encourage everyone on the roads out there to slow down and enjoy the drive.