Batavia Coast Replica Boat Association (Batavia Longboat)

Phone: 0424 587 262
Phone: 0417 961 387
Address: 46 Horwood Rd, Geraldton, WA 6530 Australia

Enjoy a Sunday sailing the salty seas of Gero in the longboat, usually monthly. 

Or get into the history by becoming a crew member, learn on the jib. Contact Vince: 0417 961 387

Project 2015-16: Towards Dirk Hartog 400th Celebration, Oct 2016 in Shark Bay

The Batavia Replica Longboat is a gem, treasured by a few, skippered by one. Not a recipe for sustainability. Fast forward to October 2016: The Dirk Hartog celebration in Shark Bay presents a strategic opportunity to promote the Longboat, attract & train crew, engage new members, & feature in an historically exciting event that will attract national & international participation & attention. 

Contact Robyn to learn more about the project and join the project team: 0424 587 262

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