It is time to fix this intersection

Update 4:20pm 30 May 2017 - Statement from Police:

On Sunday 28 May 2017 a traffic crash occurred at 11:35am at intersection of North West Coast Highway and Hosken Streets in Bluff Point.

18 year old female driver (drving Suzuki Vitara) from Mount Tarcoola was stopped at the intersection preparing to make a right turn. The other vehicle (Toyota Hilux) was being driven by 28 year old female driver from Waggrakine, travelling in the left turning lane to turn off the highway into Hoskin Street.

The Vitara proceeded into the intersection crossing and collided with the Hilux. As a result the Vitara crossed the lanes, mounted the kerb and collided with a street sign before coming to rest off the road. 

Both vehicles have extensive damage as a result of the impact.

The 18 year old was extracted by FESA and  conveyed to Geraldton Regional Hospital for treatment to her legs after being injured during the crash.  

Driver of the Vitara has been charged with:

(1)    Fail to give way to oncoming vehicle or pedestrian on terminating road or near intersection

Note: The footage below seems to contradict the statement from the Police that the Hilux intended on turning left. We have asked for clarification.

As you may have heard, there was yet another car accident at the Hosken St / North West Coastal Highway intersection in the Geraldton suburb of Bluff Point on Sunday. 

Footage of the incident

Editor's note: While we're mindful of the general distaste for images of car accidents felt by much of the community, given the widespread calls for safety improvements at this intersection for many years, and in the interest of bringing attention to the problem, we have decided to publish this footage that was provided to us. 

Members of the Geraldton community shared information regarding the incident. 

Everything Geraldton has also contacted the Geraldton Police regarding the incident.

Why hasn't this intersection been fixed yet?

In September last year EG published a short article on this intersection following a near miss that could have ended badly. Click here to read.

Responding to that article, MLA Ian Blayney, the member for Geraldton in state parliament, wrote:

"I've been working on this for a while. Main Roads are ready to start on it, but have been held up because the City want to consider a new intersection at Mitchell St/ NWCHwy. If this happens, Main Roads will have to reconsider what they do at Hosken St. I have been working on it, the solution is ready, funds are in place."

Everything Geraldton spoke with Mr Blayney today regarding the intersection. While his party is no longer in government, Mr Blayney is still the member for Geraldton. Mr Blayney reiterated his comments from last year, confirming that hold-ups to the improvements were because of pending decisions regarding developments on the Spalding side of the highway. 

What is the new government doing?

Darren West, MLC for the Agricultural Region sent Everything Geraldton a Letter to the Editor in September 2016 regarding the known danger the road posed, and his efforts to get the problem addressed. Click here to read. In the article he asserted that the intersection "was listed in the RAC’s Risky Roads Survey, October 2015 Report Card at number two for dangerous intersections in Regional WA." The letter also included references to a 2014 Geraldton Guardian article on the intersection. Mr West is referenced in the article as campaigning for improvements for the intersection. 

Now that Labor has formed government, Everything Geraldton contacted Darren West to discuss the intersection. 

"I was pleading with previous government. Now we're in government it's a priority to get it fixed. We will be instructing Main Roads (to improve the intersection) and looking at the most cost effective way at remediating and making that intersection safer."

Mr West floated the idea of possibly lowering the speed limit for parts of the day, similar to what has been done on some Perth roads. 

"I'd really like this time next year to have this intersection sorted out, with whatever treatment is cost effective."


Where does the City of Greater Geraldton stand?

Everything Geraldton also contacted the City of Greater Geraldton. We spoke with Mayor Shane Van Styn about the intersection. 

Mayor Van Styn emphasised that the intersection in question was the responsibility of the state government. He mentioned the CGG's ongoing campaign to have Main Roads open up the Mitchell Street intersection, with traffic lights, and granting better access to Spalding. 

"The City has a position that for the safety of both traffic and pedestrian, opening up Mitchell St (should be a priority). But the road is a state road, and is an entire matter for the state government."

He also expressed concerns should a roundabout be installed at Hosken Street, and the consequences of trucks trying to use it. 

"They need to look at the area holistically," says Van Styn. "If they were serious about fixing the traffic on NWCH they’d get on with building the inner bypass, which Ian Blayney opposes. We’d divert heavy traffic from as far back as Rudds Gully Rd, connecting to an extended Webberton Road."

"Too often state governments apply bandaid solutions to North West Coastal Highway instead of getting on with the job of building the inner bypass."

Mr Van Styn spoke about the CGG's efforts to try and revitalise Spalding. "The bigger picture with Spalding is it's hard to get in and out of. We see Mitchell St as a bigger part of urban planning." 

I questioned whether the inner bypass or lights at Mitchell Street would do anything to fix the issues at Hosken St, such as the blind spots created by cars turning left from NWCH onto Hosken. "You could ban right hand turns at Hosken St (onto NWCH). You can't go straight there anyway. If you signalised Mitchell St and banned right turns at Hosken, that solves the problem."

DRACULA is coming to the Queens Park Theatre

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Why Visit Geraldton?

1. Sometimes the sky lights fire and as scary as it sounds, its pretty superb

2. At the right time of the year, the countryside goes crazy in wildflower growth

3. Geraldton is a fishing and farming town located on the seaside, incase you were unaware

4. If you don’t like the town, you can escape via sailing boats, aeroplanes, buses, surfboards, paddle boards, kite surfing or wind surfing, maybe even swimming if you're not going too far (oh, and jet skis if you can find any)

5. Geraldton has a spectacular history which you can be informed of at our HMAS memorial or the Geraldton museum

6. If being by the water isn’t your thing and neither is learning about our captivating history, Geraldton is home to many sporting clubs as well as a speedway and go-kart track.

This article was submitted as part of the Young Voices program. 

Calling all bike riders!

The City of Greater Geraldton wants to hear from Geraldton bike riders. Help them better understand your needs.

Take the Cycling in City of Greater Geraldton Survey at

Join the Drop-In Session on Wednesday 7th June from 3-7pm at the Geraldton Multipurpose Centre Function Room at 250 Marine Terrace. If you can’t attend, you can email your feedback to


New GP Surgery – Veritas Health Care – Opening Soon

Dr Eberhard (Ebe) Mandishona is opening Veritas Health Care GP Surgery in the Rangeway Shopping Centre on Monday 29th May 2017.

Veritas Health Care GP Surgery provides the following services:

  • General family medicine/primary health care
  • Primary care Obstetrics and Gynaecology encompassing reproductive health advice, sexual health, women’s health, contraception (including implanon insertion and removals)
  • Antenatal care, baby deliveries, postnatal care, baby checks and child health promotion
  • Men’s health assessments
  • Chronic disease management, care plans, health assessments
  • Substance misuse treatment (C-POP provider) for stable patients
  • Skin check facilities
  • Minor surgery (small skin excision and removal of lesions) and skin checks
  • Mental health assessment, advice and treatment/referrals/care plans
  • Drivers Licence Medicals
  • Nursing home visits
  • Home medication reviews
  • Diabetes risk assessments and diagnosis
  • Referrals to Allied Health
  • Travel Health medical advice
  • ECGs, INR check, Spirometry
  • Smoking cessation advice and treatment
  • Immunisation advice
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Health Assessments
  • Asthma Health Assessment
  • Diabetes Health Assessment
  • Mother and child health checks

Veritas Health Care will be opening Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5pm, closing for lunch between 12pm and 1pm.

For more information or to book an appointment you can call 9935 9490, email or you can have a look at the website


The Perth Wildcats are bringing their Regional Tour to the Mid West

The Perth Wildcats are bringing their Regional Tour to the Mid West! They will be running basketball clinics and holding a special Bingo Night.

The Perth Wildcats will be in DONGARA on Friday 26th May - 
Clinic - Age 6-12 mixed

  • Participate in a two-hour after-school clinic with Perth Wildcats players
  • Irwin Recreation Centre
  • 4:00pm-6:00pm (includes a signing session)
  • $65.00 total per participant (includes supporter membership and merchandise pack)

The Perth Wildcats will be in GERALDTON Saturday 27th May and Sunday 28th May – 
Clinic 1 - Age 6-12 mixed

  • Participate in a two-hour clinic with Perth Wildcats players
  • Active West Stadium
  • Saturday 27 May
  • 9:00am-11:00am (includes a signing session)
  • $65.00 total per participant (includes supporter membership and merchandise pack)

Clinic 2 - Age 13-17 mixed

  • Participate in a two-hour clinic with Perth Wildcats players
  • Active West Stadium
  • Saturday 27 May
  • 2:00pm-4:00pm (includes a signing session)
  • $65.00 total per participant (includes supporter membership and merchandise pack)

Clinic 3 - Age 6-12 mixed

  • Participate in a two-hour clinic with Perth Wildcats players
  • Active West Stadium
  • Sunday 28 May
  • 9:00am-11:00am (includes a signing session)
  • $65.00 total per participant (includes supporter membership and merchandise pack)

*Every camp attendee will become a valued 2017/18 supporter member of the Perth Wildcats (valued at $70). As a supporter member you will receive a full membership pack and benefits plus a special Wildcats merchandise pack. 

Registrations close at 5pm Friday 19th May. To book or for more information -

Join the Perth Wildcats for a great night of games and entertainment, as they bring you their first ever regional Bingo Night to Geraldton! Friday 26th May 7:30pm to 9:30pm at the Geraldton Multipurpose Centre at 254 Marine Tce, Geraldton.

Hosted by two of the Perth Wildcats class clowns, you will enjoy: 

  • Four games of Bingo plus the option to participate in additional mini raffle games throughout the night
  • Raffle tickets for your chance to win extra prizes
  • A fully serviced cash bar providing beer, wine and soft drinks
  • Personal autograph signing session with any item purchased from our merchandise stall

Tickets are $20 per person! Drinks, raffle tickets, extra games and merchandise available for purchase on the night. Both cash and EFTPOS accepted. BYO snacks only are welcome.
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Abby's Croquet News

Croquet, what is it?

Croquet is a sport that includes a mallet, 4 balls and hoops that you hit the balls through.

The Geraldton Croquet club is located on the corner of Maitland Park on the west side. It has been running since 1908.

People often think croquet is for older people but it can be for all ages. To join you have to be 10 and over. While doing Croquet you will get fit and make some new friends.

When I was asked by a friend to go and have a game at “Come and Try” day I was like sure, not really knowing what it was all about. I knew where the place was because we had driven past it quite a number of times and would often see people playing but that was all. My parents were like “Really, all right, then have fun”.

Well when I went, I wanted to go again and again as fun is what it was. I am now a member and even though I am going to school in Perth this year, I am able to play when I come back on holidays. Today there were 6 of us playing and we were all around the same age which was pretty cool. We all had lots of fun, met new people and learnt new skills and techniques.

Abby Hennighan and Sophie McQuie – after a ‘good fun’ game!.png

There are two types of croquet you can play. Association Croquet and Golf Croquet. In Golf Croquet if one person hits the ball through the hoop all the players go to the next hoop, but in Association Croquet all the players have to hit the ball through the hoop before moving to the next hoop. The other members are very helpful and give us a good understanding of the game, the rules and how to score.

The club mallets are for hire for only 5 dollars for 6 months. Croquet is one of the many sports I have tried and it is one of my favourites. Everyone at croquet is kind and caring.

For more information please go to the website Geraldton Croquet Club or call in as the members are all very helpful.

Thank you

Abby Hennighan

This article is published as part of the Young Voices program. Click here to learn more. 

Pic: Abby Hennighan and Sophie McQuie – after a ‘good fun’ game!

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Ollie’s colourful book preserves Badimaya language

Capturing language: Linguists James Bednall and Rosie Sitorus, in conversation with Badimaya Elder, Ollie George in 2015

Capturing language: Linguists James Bednall and Rosie Sitorus, in conversation with Badimaya Elder, Ollie George in 2015

One of the last fluent Badimaya language speakers, 82-year-old Ollie George, has had some of his language preserved in a stunning book about to be launched.

Bundiyarra-Irra Wangga Language Centre has completed a book of Ollie’s stories – Nganang Badimaya Wangga: Yarns with Gami Ollie George – a collection of yarns about growing up on Badimaya country.

The book will be launched at Kirkalocka Station about 70km south of Mt Magnet on Wednesday May 24 and is a wonderful project preserving and sharing the Badimaya language.

Working with Ollie, the project has brought together language speakers, linguists and Badimaya and other Yamaji artists to create a lasting legacy of the language through art and a full-colour Badimaya-English book.

Language Centre Coordinator, Jenni Kniveton-Gregory, said this project idea came from linguists Rosie Sitorus and James Bednall.

“What became apparent to Rosie and James after all this language work and spending hours with Ollie, was that this could be the heart of something bigger and special, and that is how this book came to fruition,” she said.

Gami (Pop) Ollie, as he is affectionately known, relates stories in the Badimaya language of growing up and of life on some of WA’s outback pastoral stations. His stories have been captured in Badimaya and translated into English by Rosie and James.

A number of the stories are accompanied with expressive, colourful paintings produced by Badimaya and some Yamaji artists, including the Language Centre’s own talented Leeann Merritt and Nadine Taylor.

The artists came together in workshops held in Geraldton and Mt Magnet and have created some warm and inspiring pieces that reflect Ollie’s life stories.

The project will culminate with the book launch at Kirkalocka Station – where Ollie grew up – and the paintings will be exhibited at Geraldton Regional Art Gallery from the end of May after the exhibition opening on Saturday 27 May.

Chris Lewis from ABC Open has documented the creation of the project and the video will be shown at the art exhibition launch.

Funding for the project was contributed through the Australian Government’s Indigenous Languages and Arts Program and the City of Greater Geraldton. This program is supported by the Departments of Culture and the Arts and Regional Development, Royalties for Regions and Country Arts WA.

In some more exciting news, Ollie George is a finalist in the 2017 NAIDOC Elder of the Year awards, the theme being Our Languages Matter. A fitting nomination with the launch of his book.

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There are some very kind and thoughtful people in Geraldton

Dear Editor, There are some very kind and thoughtful people in Geraldton and through Everything Geraldton I would like to thank them. I may never learn their names but they are the walkers who recently found some of my stolen property along the walkway at Bluff Point and returnedtheir finds to the police station with out leaving their names. Also I want to thank the reallydedicated young men in the police force who have been socaring while helping me through a nasty situation. Thank you to all who have helped me so far in so many ways, you have restored my faith in humanity.

Peg Hodgson

Chapman Animal Hospital now has a Mobile Clinic

It’s no secret that many pets hate coming to the vet. There are strange noises, smells and new people and that’s often intimidating for our furry friends. At Chapman Animal Hospital they believe in treating your pets like they would their own. They are always thinking of new ways to make life a bit easier for you and your pet and so, they have recently begun mobile clinics for the Geraldton and Northampton communities.

This mobile clinic is perfect for busy families trying to juggle work commitments, children and school as well as doing the very best for your pets.

These mobile clinics are available once a month for routine appointments such as vaccinations, microchips, medication reviews, nail clips and much more, all in the comfort of your own home!

Just give them a call on 99642828 for more information or to book your appointment now. 

How easy is that!!


Harvey Norman Furniture’s Exclusive V.I.P. Event

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Drawn to You is coming to Geraldton Regional Art Gallery!

Drawn to You is coming to Geraldton Regional Art Gallery!

Join us at the Gallery for a night of speed dating, exploring taxidermy installation Wunderkammer and getting to know singles in Geraldton a little better.

Comedy Emporium’s Julian Canny will be there to lighten the mood and help break the ice, whilst you enjoy meeting new people and stepping outside your comfort zone.

Each single will be stationed at an installation within the Wunderkammer exhibition and rotate every few minutes. It’s an excellent way to connect with new people!

Wine and cheese will be available and if one single sparks your interest, you can explore the relationship further at the end of the night.

If you find it difficult meeting new people and are looking for that special someone, then put Drawn to You in your calendar!

Drawn to You is taking place at the Geraldton Regional Art Gallery on Thursday 18 May at 6.00pm – 9.00pm.
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Help Shape Geraldton’s Future

Are big changes in the WA economy affecting your future? How can we make sure Geraldton remains a great place to live and work? The City needs your ideas to develop a plan.

Have your say at the Community Plan Workshop and go into the draw to win an iPad.

Saturday 13 May 2017 8.30am-12.30pm
Geraldton Multipurpose Centre Function Room located on the Foreshore - 250 Marine Terrace
RSVP essential by phoning 9956 6945 or email