Join Specsavers Geraldton for a Charity Fun Day

Specsavers Geraldton is holding a Charity Fun Day on Saturday the 21st of January, to help raise money for the local Parkerville Children and Youthcare.

Specsavers already donate 20 cents from every pair of glasses that are sold. Every customer receives a token for every pair of glasses they purchase, even if it’s a 2 for 1 deal, they will get 2 tokens. The tokens are then used to put money towards the charity.

On Saturday there will some special guests including Darth Vader, Stormtroopers, and Kylo Ren. 

There are also Star Wars themed glasses for kids available as well.

Collection tins will be available for donations on the day and $5 from every eye test done on Saturday will also be donated.

Join Specsavers Geraldton this Saturday and help them raise money for this very worthwhile cause.

To book in a test you can call them on 9964 7555 or come in and see them outside of the Stirlings Central Shopping Centre.


Batavia Furniture & Bedding’s Half Yearly Clearance

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For even more great deals head on into the Batavia Furniture and Bedding store, in the Homemaker Centre or have a look at their latest catalogue online at, but be quick as the sale ends this Saturday 21st January 2017.


Stirlings Central have your Back to School needs covered

It’s that time of year where parents are starting to get everything together for their kids to go back to school. But as most parents are busy people they don’t have time to run all over town to get everything they need.

At Stirlings Central you will find heaps of Back to School items all in the one place.

Check out some of the Back to School items available here -

Stirlings Central even has school holiday fun for the kids to enjoy while you are shopping. 

Come down on the below dates between 10am and 1pm, and your kids can do some FREE craft activities.
Thursday 19th January
Friday 20th January
Saturday 21st January
Friday 27th January
Saturday 28th January

Take the stress out of Back to School and shop at Stirlings Central Shopping Centre.


Please lie to me: Why we're responsible for the mess that is modern politics

When I was 19 I started selling cars. 

Half my job was selling the car people were interested in. And the other half was buying the trade-in from the customer.

I learned that there were two different strategies salespeople used when people had trade ins. 

1. One strategy was 'alway ask what the customer wants' for their vehicle. 

Here's how the conversation would go:

Customer: "I like this new Pajero. How much will you give me for my Datsun 120Y?"

Salesperson: "How much do you want for it?"

Customer: "As much as I can get. What's it worth?"

Salesperson: "What do you think it's worth?"

Customer: "Four grand."

Salesperson: "FOUR GRAND! It's not worth that!"

Customer: "Well you tell me what it's worth."

It's an awkward conversation. The salesperson's head is done in because the car is only worth $250, but what's the customer supposed to say. He's essentially setting them up to lie to him. 

2. The other strategy was to 'never ask how much the person wants', and just tell the customer what the car is worth. 

Here's how the conversation would go:

Customer: "I like this new Pajero. How much will you give me for my Datsun 120Y?"

Salesperson: "Give me the keys and I'll get it valued."

Customer: "Thanks."

Salesperson: "I got it looked at. I can give you $250."

Customer: "Can you make it $350?"

Salesperson: "How about I give you a set of floor mats for your new car instead? They normally cost $150."

Customer: "Deal."

I learned to adopt the second approach. It's far less painful as a salesperson. You're not asking customers to lie to you, and the clients appreciate you just being straight up. 

But most salespeople would essentially ask the clients to lie to them, then complain that their clients were lunatics who thought their bunky cars were worth a million dollars. 

I am of the strong opinion that we do the same thing with politicians. We ask them to lie to us, we vote for the one with the best story, then we complain that politicians never keep their promises. 

Fast forward a decade and a half and I find myself interviewing politicians with a bunch of other journos. Then one day it dawns on me. We're ASKING these guys to lie to us. The entire political-media game is built around this charade where the media asks "What are you going to do about blah blah blah?" And then we publish whatever they tell us, with no financial training to be able to tell if their numbers add up. And we NEVER ask the question "and what services will you cut to be able to fund that?" Truth is, when journos are interviewing politicians, they feel super important, so it's rare to find one that will actually say "You're full of shit mate. Your numbers don't add up..." because he or she wants to be able to interview them the next time. 

Then the public picks which answers they like the most, vote, and some folks in suits form government. The can NEVER achieve their election promises, because it turns out no one has a crystal ball to predict iron ore prices, thus they can't predict tax income, thus they can't predict how much they'll even have to spend. 

And then three or four years later we do the entire thing all over again as if any promise uttered by a politician in the lead up to an election is even worth writing down. 

But I don't think we can blame the politicians. Nor can we really blame the media. Blaming those two groups is such a useless trope and it gets us nowhere. We click on the articles with the politician's promises. We ask the pollies how they're going to solve the world's problems and bring us inner happiness. And that needs to stop. 

Since when did it become the politician's and tax payer's job to fix everything in the world? Why is it even the government's job to decide who gets to marry who? Why do people in Canberra decide what we're allowed to smoke? Why are taxpayers responsible for funding everything from stadiums to home buyer incentives? How did it get like this?

It got like this because the only factors we consider when deciding who to vote for is "Who's going to promise ME the most stuff!"

But ask the average person on the street what the philosophical differences are between Liberal, Labor, and the Nats, and they couldn't tell you. 

Heck, even I could hardly tell you. 

"Well it's simple, Labor are more progressive, to the left, and Liberals are right wing. And the Nats are the same as the Liberals except in the country," I hear you explain. 

Oh really? If that were the case, you'd expect the Liberal party to be fiscally conservative, aiming to have a smaller government that does less "stuff", and believe in allowing private individuals to set their own destiny. Yet most of their members WANT to interfere in everyone's private life, have a say in who they should marry, they blow money like they just won lotto, and they've left WA in more debt that I can reasonably comprehend. That's at the end of a MINING BOOM! I'm not saying Labor could have done any better. I'm just saying "what the hell does the Liberal party actually stand for other than 'we're not Labor'?"

And don't get me started on the Labor party. What do they stand for exactly? Unions? Gay marriage? Are unions even a thing in 2017? More and more people are working for themselves and it seems Labor does more to hush their association with the unions than boast about it. They held power in Canberra for two terms and didn't say boo about gay marriage. And as soon as the right wing party comes in to power, anyone who doesn't support gay marriage is a homophobe. Give me strength. Heck, even Kevin oh seven got elected originally under the pretence that he was "fiscally conservative", and pundits more or less agreed that people voted for him because he was bassically a younger version of John Howard. Kevin oh seven's "fiscal conservatism" went flying out the window the moment the world's economy collapsed, and every school in Australia ended up with an overpriced building they didn't really need, and plasma TV sales went through the roof as anyone with a kid got $900 checks almost on a monthly basis. 

But like I said, we can only blame ourselves. 

We keep asking these guys to tell us stories. Tell us about the amazing hospital you're going to build. Tell us about how you're going to magically solve the meth problem. Tell us how you're going to somehow lower taxes, increase social welfare, create jobs, increase wages, grow businesses, fix the roads, stimulate new technology, cure cancer, reduce suicide, increase our life expectancy, improve our bank balance, reduce inflation, increase farmers' profits, reduce our grocery bill, support charities, keep us safe from all harm, make us fitter, happier, more productive...

What choice do they have? Would you vote for the candidate who tells you the truth?

Imaginary candidate: "Listen. Here's the truth. No one has any idea how to fix the meth problem. We're going to try 10 different things, measure the results, and replicate what works. But we can't promise anything. It's a worldwide epidemic, and smarter people than us are failing at it. Also, we have no idea what the world economy will look like in 12 months, or 2 years, or 3 years... so we can't promise to build anything. Here's a list of our priorities, but we don't know how far down the list we'll be able to get. And I've got some bad news. You're actually pretty wealthy with your $300,000 household income. I know you like to think you're an Aussie Battler, but you're really not. You're actually going to have to pay MORE tax than you are now if you want that new stadium. It's called maths. And why is it my job to decide who marries who? The Australian Government didn't invent marriage, so I'm not sure why we manage it. Talk to your priest or something, I don't care what you do with your life. I can't promise exactly what will happen in the future, but I can tell you what my guiding philosophy is, what my values are, and how I make decisions."

Well actually, I would vote for that candidate. 

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Junior Roller Derby

Let’s face it Oakajee ain’t going to happen. If the Midwest’s finest minds and captains of industry drawn from across the globe can’t relocate or build a train track and a place to park boats our prospects are bleak.

So what does Geraldton need to lift its flagging spirits?

Over a couple of Chardonnays the other night some of Geraldton’s most feisty and colorful women decided that kids in the midwest  need more than a deep water port to look forward too!, they need a Junior roller derby team!

Kiwi Karnage one of Geraldton’s Sin City Rollers most dedicated skaters, was the first to state her frustration that the kids of this town shouldn’t miss out in one of the most active and addictive sports. “You know, not a day passes when I don’t get the urge to strap on my skates and go and knock some sucker off their feet. I’m sure most kids can relate to that!

The roller game has a long and ignoble history. Started in the US it was codified, in as much as the game has many rules, by Leo Seltzer and the author, Damon Runyon. The fortunes of the game have waxed and waned over the last century with its popularity once again on the rise. It is has been  included in the 2020 Olympic games.

Perth have an established junior roller derby and are keen to include regional leagues so they can consolidate their skills so it’s a perfect time for Geraldton to give them a run for their money!

The training begins with basic skating skills, including how to fall safely and basic derby game skills

The first public meeting is being held at The Dome Geraldton on Thursday the 19thof January @ 6pm. Anyone wishing to participate, assist or sponsor is warmly invited to attend.

Kiwi Karnage aka Trudy Gilmour, as always, has the last word. “This is a sport made for all kids of all shapes and sizes, and is perfect for the kid that is not into traditional ball sports (there is no ball), midwest kids are tough!  But here’s the thing, they’re not easily embarrassed. If someone lands a local kid on their bum they get up dust themselves off and go return the favour!  ”

½ Yearly Clearance on at Harvey Norman Furniture

Harvey Norman Furniture and Bedding is having their ½ Yearly Clearance and EVERYTHING is on sale! But it will all end this weekend, so make sure you get in soon so you don’t miss out.

Prices are slashed on mattresses – including all the big brands like King Koil, Tempur, Sealy, Sleepmaker and more.

Buy one of the Herington Gusseted Pillow range and get one FREE.

And you can get 40% off ALL rugs – make sure you get in to have a look at their range of colours and styles.

Take advantage of their 50 Months Interest – No Deposit and No Interest with monthly payments until March 2021. Minimum spend is $750 and terms and conditions apply.

Harvey Norman Furniture and Bedding’s ½ Yearly Clearance is not to be missed! So do yourself a favour and get down to 38 Chapman Rd before these massive savings finish.


United stance against proposed transport corridor

Shire of Irwin Acting CEO Geoff Peddie (left) Shire of Chapman Valley Deputy CEO Simon Lancaster, City of Greater Geraldton Mayor Shane Van Styn and Shire of Northampton CEO Garry Keeffe finalising their proposed Dongara-Northampton Transport Corridor route.

Shire of Irwin Acting CEO Geoff Peddie (left) Shire of Chapman Valley Deputy CEO Simon Lancaster, City of Greater Geraldton Mayor Shane Van Styn and Shire of Northampton CEO Garry Keeffe finalising their proposed Dongara-Northampton Transport Corridor route.

Local Governments in the Midwest have come together to take a united stance against the proposed Dongara-Northampton Transport Corridor route.

The City of Greater Geraldton, Shire of Chapman Valley, Shire of Irwin and Shire of Northampton have expressed their concerns about the proposed route and outlined their alternatives in a joint letter to the State Government.

Driven by Main Roads WA (MRWA) in collaboration with the Mid West Development Commission (MWDC), the transport corridor proposes a route from Dongara through to Northampton which will be used by large trucks to transport freight.

City of Greater Geraldton Mayor Shane Van Styn said he and fellow Shire Presidents agreed the proposal was flawed for a number of reasons.

“Each of our local governments believe that the alignment as suggested by MRWA and MWDC would be detrimental to our communities,” he said

“The proposed two-lane inland route will have damaging effects to the natural environmentincluding land sterilisation which could lead to land owners blocking the project which could potentially delay the development on the Oakajee Port and Industrial Estate.

“Unlike the inland route which effectively strands Oakajee, our stance includes the Oakajee to Narngulu Infrastructure Corridor so trucks, rail and slurry pipelines will be able to access and use the Oakajee estate.

“Due to the scale of the outer option, urgent options such as the Northampton bypass and the inner bypass of Geraldton are being delayed into the very distant future,” Mayor Van Styn said.

The option proposed by all shires will still provide a linkage in a state freight network, by enabling 53.5m road trains to travel between Carnarvon and Muchea north of Perth without having to travel through Northampton and the City of Greater Geraldton.

Shire of Chapman Valley Chief Executive Officer Maurice Battilana said the united stance on the issue would help to cement the Shires’ position.

“The new option, which is favourable for all parties involved, should be far cheaper as it removes a lot of duplication and does not require the same upfront investment enabling it to be done in stages as and when funding and circumstances allow,” he said.

“By joining forces on this issue we have been able to identify options that will best suit all of our Local Government areas.”

Shire of Northampton has already taken the next step with their Council recently passing a motion that supports the joint proposal.

All Shires recognise the importance of this project and the urgency with which it should be pursued, emphasising that this should not be viewed simply as a Midwest project, but rather a key state and national project.

Get your carpet laid within 7 days @All Decor

Do you need new carpet laid but don’t like to wait? 

Well at All Decor you don’t have to. If you buy any stock carpet or vinyl you can have it laid within 7 days of your order.

All Decor have a range of styles and colours in stock for you to choose from and if you just have one room to do then you may be able to find a remnant to suit at a discounted price.

Come down to their showroom on the corner of NWCH and Jensen St and speak to one of their friendly staff.

This offer is for a limited time only and terms and conditions apply.

All Decor now offer 12 months interest free finance. For more information please see their website -


FREE OPEN DAY!! World’s Biggest Workout #BODYPUMP

One million exercise fans are expected to take part in the world’s biggest workout on Saturday 14 January 2017 to celebrate the 100th release of BODYPUMP™.

Using light to moderate weights with lots of repetition, BODYPUMP is a total body workout created by global fitness pioneers ‘Les Mills International’. With thousands of fitness clubs and certified instructors around the world, this coordinated launch of BODYPUMP100 is a Fitness Industry first, being the world’s biggest workout ever.

Locally, Everybody Group Fitness business owners, Julie Myers and Julie Nelson, are excited to be part of this huge surge of global energy and are offering a FREE OPEN DAY to launch BODYPUMP100 this Saturday 14 January. 

In conjunction with this global launch and their FREE OPEN DAY, Everybody Group Fitness are also offering a SPECIAL OFFER membership available now until Saturday. 

“BODYPUMP is the original barbell class that is now 25 years strong” says Ms Myers who has been instructing BODYPUMP for 20 years. “It truly is an incredible milestone, and we want to celebrate with everyone who loves BODYPUMP. We also want to introduce the program to new participants and we’ll be offering a BODYPUMP Beginner’s Technique class on Saturday.”

BODYPUMP is a proven workout with great benefits for those who participate and it continues to grow in popularity. The combination of contemporary music, scientifically-proven exercise techniques, and quickly observable physical results are the key to the workout’s inter-generational appeal.

“BODYPUMP has brought resistance training to the masses,” says Ms Nelson. “People who wouldn’t normally want to lift weights on a gym floor are now doing BODYPUMP in group fitness classes.”

“And for an authentic BODYPUMP experience, our members workout with only the best exercise equipment including the innovative Les Mills Smart Bars, Weights and Steps. Also, our Cycle Studio has only the best Body Bikes for our RPMers.” Ms Nelson adds. 

Everybody Group Fitness offers 45+ classes a week including BODYPUMP, BODYSTEP, BODYATTACK, BODYBALANCE, RPM, CXWORX, ZUMBA, YOGA, PILATES, BOXFIT, CIRCUIT classes and more with something to suit everybody’s individual needs. 

Set in a unique building, Everybody Group Fitness hosts three studios, a large crèche and plenty of parking. In addition, there is an event and entertainment area, plus another consulting room all available for hire.

The studio exudes a welcoming and friendly studio environment and the team of professional and dedicated staff are committed to motivating people of all ages and fitness levels, especially the new exercise-goer.

“Our flavour of group fitness brings people together. There is a true feeling of community here, a fun and social atmosphere where people feel ‘right at home’. We all help to motivate and encourage each other towards similar health and wellness goals,” says Ms Myers “and there’s a real unity that comes with that.”

Please check out their Facebook page and website for current Timetable, Class Descriptors, Membership options etc. For any other enquiries, please phone us on 9965 5885 or drop in and have a look around. They look forward to welcoming YOU!

Julie Myers and Julie Nelson

Julie Myers and Julie Nelson

Please check out our Facebook page and website for current Timetable, Class Descriptors, Membership options etc. For any other enquiries, please phone us on 9965 5885 or drop in and have a look around. We look forward to welcoming YOU!

For more information: 
Everybody Group Fitness
60 Fitzgerald Street, Geraldton
9965 5885


Councillors go electronic

Councillors Michael Reymond (foreground)) and Graeme Bylund making the transition from paper to digital devices.

Councillors Michael Reymond (foreground)) and Graeme Bylund making the transition from paper to digital devices.

In the City’s continued bid to cut costs, City of Greater Geraldton Councillors have gone paperless.

All Council correspondence is now sent digitally and will be viewed on electronic devices.

City of Greater Geraldton Mayor Shane Van Styn said the savings will be huge.

“Often Council meeting agendas can be hundreds of pages long not to mention lengthy attachments,” he said.

“Together with minutes and other supporting documents which are often in full colour you can imagine the savings associated with going paperless are huge.

“Not only does the decision to go paperless have a positive environmental outcome, it will result in massive savings in the resources needed to print copies of Council meeting agendas which amounts to more than $35,000 per year.

“Reducing costs is something we as a Council are collectively working towards and I’ve had positive feedback from my fellow Councillors on this money saving initiative.”

Geraldton Grammar School Congratulates Class of 2016

Geraldton Grammar School would like to congratulate the class of 2016.

Everyone did really well and 15% of students received an ATAR score of 90 and higher. Outstanding! These are great results from a great community.

Geraldton Grammar would like to wish everyone the very best in their future endeavours and know that their possibilities are endless.

If you would like to enrol your child into Geraldton Grammar School, which goes from kindergarten to year 12 please see their website for more information -


Do your children need new school shoes?

Need new shoes for your children and want to beat the rush of Back to School?

Or need to update ready for summer?

Come in and see the friendly team at The Athlete’s Foot at Stirlings Central.

The Athlete’s Foot well trained, knowledgeable staff are more than happy to look after you and ensure the whole family is fitted in the right footwear.

New season shoes are available now for school too!

Get fitted by the experts today at The Athlete’s Foot in Stirlings Central Shopping Centre at 54 Sanford St, Geraldton.


The Five New Rules of Superannuation


Following extensive debate and conjecture, the 2016 Budget announcements making widespread changes to the superannuation system have been passed. Most of these changes commence from 1 July 2017 but may require a great deal of planning, and like most things, the real trick is in the detail. Now is the time for you to prepare. Ensure that you have a roadmap in place to navigate the major changes ahead and avoid any traps. Learn more about the five new super rules below. 


The Old Rule: Individuals aged 49 or over on 1 July were eligible to contribute up to $35,000pa as a concessional contribution, or $30,000pa for members under 49.

The New Rule: All individuals, regardless of age will be limited to a concessional contribution of $25,000pa.

The Detail: The change, which applies from 1 July 2017, includes employer contributions, salary sacrifice contributions, and personal concessional contributions

TRAP: Beware of the changes to the rules of making contributions to constitutionally protected funds – these are now included in your cap.


The Old Rule: Individuals who have income (including superannuation contributions) of $300,000 or more pay an additional 15% tax on their superannuation contributions

The New Rule: The threshold on which individuals will pay the additional tax is reduced to $250,000pa.

The Detail: The reduction applies from 1 July 2017.


The Old Rule: Any unused concessional contributions were lost.

The New Rule: Individuals with a balance less than $500,000 just before the start of the financial year may be able to make additional concessional contributions, by accessing any unused concessional contributions from the previous 5 years.

The Detail: The unused contribution cap applies from the 2018/2019 year moving forward. Any contributions not used after 5 years are lost, and cannot be carried forward.


The Old Rule: Individuals were able to contribute up to $180,000pa as a non-concessional contribution. If under 65 on 1 July, they were also able to ‘bring forward’ three years’ worth of contributions.

The New Rule: Individuals are limited to a maximum of $100,000pa as a non-concessional contribution, or $300,000 as a bring forward limit if the member is under 65 – but only if the member balance is less than the transfer balance cap on 30 June of the previous year. 

The Detail: Before making a non-concessional contribution, an individual must first test whether they are eligible. This means that if their balance is $1.6 million (the current transfer balance cap) or more, they cannot make non-concessional contributions. The ability to bring forward contributions is also now tested to a member’s balance. If under 65 on 1 July, they may be eligible to use a bring forward to a maximum of $300,000 but only to the extent it will not exceed their transfer balance cap.

Example: Mark has a transfer balance cap of $1.45 million. He wishes to contribute his maximum non-concessional contribution limit. Based on the new rules, he is able to contribute a maximum of $200,000 over two years

TRAP: If an individual has partially used their bring forward rule prior to 1 July 2017, a reduced limit may only be available.


The Old Rule: There was no limit to the amount an individual could have in a superannuation pension.

The New Rule: Individuals are limited to a maximum cap of $1.6 million that can be transferred to a superannuation pension. The balance is indexed to CPI and increased in $100,000 increments.

The Detail: On 1 July 2017, any amounts that are in superannuation pension that exceed $1.6 million will need to be converted to the accumulation phase. The earnings on this excess will be taxed at the normal superannuation rate of 15%. If an amount exceeding the $1.6 million cap is transferred to a pension, the excess plus a calculated earnings amount will need to be transferred back to accumulation.

TRAP: Breaches of the $1.6 million cap in the 2018-2019 year onwards will attract tax at 30%, not 15%.

The cap also applies to reversionary or death benefit pensions received by a beneficiary – but not pensions received by a child, which are subject to a separate calculation. If a member is entitled to a reversionary pension which puts them over the $1.6 million cap, they will have a 6 month period to decide which pension will be commuted. 

CGT Relief is also available for those superannuation funds who will need to reallocate assets from pension to accumulation phase between 9 November 2016 and 1 July 2017. This essentially allows the superannuation fund to reset the cost base of certain assets, and either pay the CGT to date in the 2017 tax return or defer it until the asset is sold. This is an incredibly complex area and advice will be necessary.

TRAP: It may not always be best to reset the cost base of the assets! 


The five new rule changes are incredibly complex and require considerable planning. Tax is not the only factor to be considered. Financial advice should be sought before you make any decisions. Get in touch with your local RSM superannuation specialist to find out more. RSM Geraldton is located at 1/12 Bayly St or you can call them on 9920 7400.


Letter to editor regarding problematic youths at foreshore

Hello Everything Geraldton,

I would to raise a serious concern about a group of kids aged 10-12yo that is hanging around town probably bored during this summer school holidays.

My workplace (a coffee shop) had the glass door smashed beginning of last week. Last Monday, while I was trying to lock up by myself, 4/5 of them came in and stole items from the shop as I could not do anything about it as I was obviously outnumbered. And today, as the cherry on top of the cake, I was abused continuosly towards the end of an extremely busy shift, ending up with them stealing the coins from the tips jar and trashing and damaging the front of the shop right in front of the customers.

I went to the toilet and started crying because I feel like nobody hears the the struggle my colleagues and I have to go through the day. It is really getting out of control and the police has been contacted by myself and one of my customers but they never showed up.

I heard the same group is creating many problems to other businesses and people. What do we need to do to have the authorities to take proper action. This is an pngoig problem now but it keeps beeing ignored.

All I want to do is going to work, provide the best product and service to my customers and I have to deal with this almost every day recently.


5 Ways Cheese and Yoghurt Are Helping Your Digestion

It’s all too easy to over-indulge sometimes and throw your digestion out of whack. But if you’ve been having tummy troubles lately, the solution may already be in your fridge. Yoghurt and some cheeses (such as cheddar, mozzarella and gouda) are great sources of probiotics – which can improve your digestive health when regularly consumed. It’s also important to keep the bacteria in your body balanced to ensure your digestive system functions properly. 

Not all yoghurts and cheeses are considered probiotic of course, but I have discovered that you can buy bacteria-friendly dairy products from Aussie Farmers Direct (

And here are five ways they can help your digestion.

1. Good bacteria
Yoghurt is highly nutritious, and one of the best sources of the good bacteria that can be found in the gut. The good bacteria in yoghurt actually stimulates a healthy digestive function and can even help to treat stomach issues like diarrhoea, constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. Beneficial bacteria aids you in digesting and eliminating your food, while also getting rid of unhealthy gut bacteria that causes bloating, constipation and gas – so grab a spoon and eat up!

2. Promotes digestive health
As a great source of probiotics, yoghurt helps to promote digestive health and reduce IBS symptoms, as well as digestive issues caused by antibiotics. Your digestive tract contains a lot of different types of bacteria, some of which are good and some of which are harmful. Eating yoghurt with probiotics will help to increase the good bacteria in your gut, meaning there’s less room for the bad ones to grow. Maintaining a healthy balance is essential for fighting off digestive issues and keeping you regular. 

3. Calcium to aid the production and activity of hormones
Both yoghurt and cheese are high in calcium, and consuming a relatively small amount of either can provide you with at least 30% of your daily calcium needs. Calcium aids in the production of the hormones involved in digestion, and is vital for the development and maintenance of your bones and teeth. Foods that are high in calcium will also help with the breakdown of food, which will improve your digestive comfort.

4. High in riboflavin (vitamin B2)
Some of the healthiest foods are rich in riboflavin (vitamin B2). Riboflavin helps your body digest and extract energy from food, and also keeps your gut lining in good shape. Some varieties of specialty cheese, such as goat’s cheese and feta, are said to be among the 12 best sources of riboflavin. So why not put some on your cheese plate today, and see if you feel the benefits?

5. Potassium helps with muscle contractions
Greek yoghurt contains high levels of potassium, which helps the muscle contractions of the digestive system. Muscle contractions enable food to travel along the digestive tract while absorbing all the important nutrients. Two sets of muscles work together to produce wave-like contractions to get your food through your digestive system and prevent constipation. Potassium-rich foods such as Greek yoghurt will keep you well-regulated and support your overall digestive health.

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The Coworking Concept - is it for you?

So, what is coworking? Well, it is the innovative practice of working in a shared environment, as opposed to working alone at home. 

And why would you want to work in a shared environment, you may question? Because of all of the benefits of course! 

In a coworking space, you are open to a vast network of entrepreneurs, business owners and freelancers (amongst other types). Here you can make connections, and work collaboratively to achieve personal and shared aspirations. The availability of this network makes it easier (and more interesting!) to get from A to B, and to actually turn big ideas into real life ventures. 

You are also exposed to the buzzing atmosphere, where everyone around you is hard at work - inspiring you to also work hard! But if you’re not convinced, there’s also the reasoning that it’s a much more fun and vibrant environment compared to a stock-standard, single desk cubicle in a barren office space, hence enticing you to work because of the simple fact that you enjoy it. 

Don’t forget about the fact that others surround you, thus decreasing your feelings of isolation (as you might feel when home alone, dressed in your pajamas on the couch, avoiding work). According to the 2017 Global Coworking Survey, coworkers talk with 5.2 other coworkers per day, and 56% say most other coworkers know their first name. 

While others are constantly around you, your sense of community and trust are also strengthened. A sense of community is important for daily life, and simply the knowledge that you are not alone – there are others working to get a business off of the ground. 

And then if your business doesn’t get off of the ground, you don’t have to give up! Coworking in a shared environment, and making meaningful connections can open up your possibilities in countless ways. You could provide important aspects to someone else’s business, or even connect and collaborate on a completely new project, but with someone who also coworks. 

But coworking isn’t just about the social benefits and opportunities, it’s also an economical cost-saving concept. 

Working in a shared environment, means that you are sharing the common costs of overheads within an office space – which essentially means working at a low rate. Not only are you working at low rates, but also you are still working within a high-quality, professional and, usually, fully-serviced workspace. 

So now that you know of all of the amazing benefits of coworking, where can you sign up? 

CityHive is one of the first regional coworking spaces in Australia, and it’s right here in Geraldton. Along with the vibrant and funky space to cowork in, there are also meeting rooms available for hire, and office studios for longer-term lease. 
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