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Original and innovative – Fraser Mack has developed a sound of his own that is at once relatable but also unfathomable, leaving his audience wondering “how did he do that?” 

Described on Rock Radio UK as New Zealand’s best kept secret and undoubtedly one of the best guitarists in the land, Mack first picked up a guitar at the age of 16. 

As a creative musician, his sets include his original work; folk-rock influenced by blues, funk and flamenco. The stories he tells are written from the heart and often delivered with such energy and passion that those listening believe he exists just to entertain them.

Sample Press Mentions

The Extended Session with Fraser Mack by Sarah Cates, The Hook, October 2017
"His originals have a maturity that belie his youth. The lyrics are written from the heart, sung with passion, and played with supremacy from his acoustic guitar.
"Mack uses his whole guitar. The neck, the body, the strings. The entire instrument is exploited. It is his percussion that creates the melody, and makes the performance. It’s guitar gymnastics, the instrument was played with great dexterity from all angles."

An exclusive interview with New Zealand's best kept secret by Mike Watkins, Rock Radio UK, November 2014
"One of the most talented guitarists I’ve heard in years. He comes from New Zealand, his name is Fraser Mackenzie, he’s a self-taught musician a with a passion for acoustic guitars. He writes his own material as well as interpreting the music of others and he’s waiting to talk me 11,000 miles away in New Zealand. Adept with both acoustic and electric, he is without doubt destined for stardom."
Mike Watkins: When I came across your videos online, I couldn’t believe it – your guitar technique is incredible but you say your self-taught!
Mack replied: I think one of the ways that my music has developed into a different style is because I didn’t know a lot about music – I didn’t know what was the ‘wrong’ thing to do, so I just tried everything and I’m still doing that and I always try and think outside the box when I’m playing guitar. So I don’t get stuck doing what people say is the right thing to do.

Made in New Zealand: Mack by Ken Morrison, Radio Kidnappers, August 2017
Ken Morrison: What is it about folk-rock that appeals?
Mack replied: It tells a story – it’s more story-based than other music… there’s a good artist called Richard Thompson and he’s a really good story-teller. And Tom Waits – a very admirable musician and he tells stories so well.

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