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Location: 15 Cedar Crescent, Strathalbyn, Geraldton, WA 6530

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Located in the sprawling suburb of Strathalbyn, in Geraldton, the College was established in 1979 by George and Marlene Edland and a group of Christian parents whose desire, like ours today, was to be part of a learning community where:

  • Parents are involved in the direction of their children's education.
  • God is glorified in all aspects of life, including schooling.

The College has grown significantly since those early years and is a leader in education in the Mid West region of Western Australia. The modern campus is set on 8.5 hectares bordering the Chapman River with excellent facilities provided for students in Kindergarten through to Year 12 .

Our Christian teachers are selected for their professionalism, teaching ability, desire to nurture children and their commitment to Christ. We are a large family working together to honour God through excellence in education.

Principles Message:

"With a quarter of a century’s involvement in Christian education as either a teacher, committee member, parent, board president or principal, I can honestly say that Strathalbyn Christian College ranks with the very best Christian schools in the country and possibly the world. Not because it turns out the most doctors and lawyers or because it gains the headlines for highest university entrance scores. It is actually something much more important and fundamental than that. Strathalbyn takes seriously the challenge of partnering with parents in the task of educating the whole child and every child, whatever their innate ability and talent".

The strong vision that guides Strathalbyn Christian College fosters unity of purpose among parents, staff and students and facilitates an atmosphere of trust and respect. Students feel secure, cared for and empowered to take the risks that make real education and learning possible, without fear of ridicule. Excellence is celebrated on a personal level and not just against a narrow set of criteria so that all are included and celebrated, not just an elite.

Accelerated Reader Programme:

At Strathalbyn Christian College, students in Primary and Lower Secondary classes use the library-based reading and comprehension programme, Accelerated Reader.

The aim of this programme is to help students to develop into lifelong readers who love to read. It is based on the principle that practice improves reading. We do not send reading books home with students in years 3 to 6. Instead, students are expected to borrow Accelerated Readers from the library to read at home. They visit the library once a week and can borrow up to three books each time.

Here at Strathalbyn Christian College, we offer a wide range of support for students where our number one priority is to help them gain attendance into Western Australia's finest Universities. Our College boasts high University entry scores because of our small classrooms and caring teachers who really know your child and understand their strengths and limitations.

If you would like to more about what Strathalbyn Christian College can do for your child, phone them today or visit their website.

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