Geraldton Water Polo Association

Sport: Water Polo 'Masters Competition'
Phone: 0427 381 280
Address: Aquarena Pass Street Greraldton, WA 6530 Western Australia
Contact Person: Graeme Hosken

The Rotary Club of Geraldton was formed in 1950 with Dr Jim McAleer as the foundation President, who was also the Mayor of Geraldton at the time. The club is officially the oldest regional club in Western Australia.

Throughout the club’s history we have seen many great contributions by individual members and the club as a whole. One of the shining contributions of recent times is the HMAS Sydney II Memorial which has become a well recognised tourist attraction for local and international tourists alike.

Another major project is the annual Rotary Radio Auction which raises money for local causes and has always been a successful fundraising activity for our club.

If you would like to become a member or involve yourself in any of our projects we would love to hear from you. Meetings are held each Wednesday evening at 6:30 pm at the RSL, 46 Chapman Road.

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