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WA Threatened Species Forum

Natural Resource Management WA (NRMWA) and Western Australia’s seven regional NRM groups, together with the Department of Parks and Wildlife are pleased to announce the date for the WA Threatened Species Forum – which will be held in Geraldton on Friday 30 October.

The WA Threatened Species Forum will provide an opportunity to update delegates on the priorities of current national, state and regional threatened species strategies; and an opportunity for delegates to share information on activities and interventions, science and solutions for protecting and recovering Western Australia’s threatened plants and animals.

With special guest Gregory Andrews (Australia’s ThreatenedSpecies Commissioner), the forum will seek alignment and synergies between policies and practices at multiple levelsof government, businesses, research institutions, scientific and conservation management experts, non-government organisations and others active in threatened species conservation. Gregory Andrews will also present on Australia’s first Threatened Species Strategy and the new national approach to threatened species protection.

This forum will raise the profile of threatened species and their conservation in Western Australia, explore solutions, and promote practical and effective ways of tackling the threats to Australia’s animals and plants.

For the first time in WA, the forum will bring together a cross-section of society with a common concern for Western Australia’s animals and plants to explore solutions, and promote practical and effective ways of tackling threats to their survival, while also building 
and enhancing networks of support in the field of threatened species conservation. Key 
forum themes include:

SCIENCE: Knowledge is key. By engaging the best scientists and using evidence-based decision-making we can be confident the actions we chose are ones most likely to 
succeed. By monitoring results, we learn what works and adapt interventions to get 
the best outcomes. Recognising and incorporating Indigenous Australians’ unique 
knowledge of the environment, gained and passed-on over countless generations, 
adds another dimension to this growing scientific base.

ACTION: Knowing what to do is the first step; the next is taking action. We need
to ensure that actions to protect and recover threatened species are based on 
prioritisation of resources and effort, and backed with hard and measurable 
targets. This includes tackling feral cats; providing safe haven for species most at 
risk; improving habitat; and emergency interventions to avert extinctions.

PARTNERSHIP: To make our actions effective and sustainable, we need to 
partner and coordinate with all levels of government, community, scientists 
and other researchers, non-government organisations, regional NRM groups, 
and the business sector. Only by working together can we effectively prioritise 
and minimise resources to protect threatened species. A partnership approach 
between individuals, agencies and organisations gives the best chance to 
achieve positive result for threatened species.

Forum: Friday 30 October
Forum Sundowner: Friday 30 October 
Field Trips: Saturday 31 October (TBC)

If you or your organisation would like to help shape this exciting forum, please contact Jessica Stingemore at the

Northern Agricultural Catchments Council on 

The Forum Agenda and Registration Form will be available shortly via the host organisation’s website:

Later Event: October 30
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