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Baker Williamson Art Prize

  • Baker Williamson Studios Chapman Rd WA Australia (map)

The Baker Family have had a lengthy association with the arts in the Midwest and
Wheatbelt, going back to 1972 when Leon Baker initiated and sponsored the ‘Leon
Baker Art Prize’ which has approximately thirty prizes in the collection, the last of
which was given was through the Northampton Art Society in 2006.
Baker Williamson Studios, under the direction of Gemma Baker, is proud to continue
the family tradition as a patron of the arts.
Everlastings, a wildflower native to Australia, are an iconic part of the change of
seasons in the Midwest of WA. Their beauty and delicacy juxtapose with their ability
to endure forever. Jewellery Artist Gemma Baker of Baker Williamson Studios has
harnessed their beauty and created an Everlasting Collection. Amongst other native
flora Gemma has been inspired to creature Jewellery Collections of, the Everlasting
Wildflower was somewhat challenging due to the very fine multi layering and
quantity of petals each flower consists of, each layer of the petal is hand drawn onto
its sheet of metal and hand pierced with a jewellers hand saw, they are extremely
time consuming but the result is fabulous! To reflect the pink and white petals of the
flower Gemma combines natural coloured pink and yellow gold with titanium and
mother of pearl, the carpals consist of gemstones, Abrolhos and Broome pearls and
Argyle Diamonds. This year Gemma is incorporating her signature French Knitting
technique into the collection. The second wave of this collection will be released in
conjunction with the BWS Everlasting Art Prize Exhibition Opening.
The winner of the Baker Williamson Art Prize will receive $1000 prize money, have
their work exhibited for one (1) month from the BWS Art Prize Exhibition Opening
and may be offered the opportunity to have a solo exhibition at Baker Williamson
Studios in the 12 months following the announcement of the winner (at BWS
All artists working in all media are encouraged to submit work for consideration.
Submissions Close Wednesday 17th June 2015.
Finalists notified by 24th June 2015.
Winners announced at the Baker Williamson Art Prize Exhibition Opening Friday 3rd
July 2015.

Artist’s Brief:
The winning artwork will best depict:
‘The transformation of our Midwest's vast and somewhat baron landscape into a
spectacular display of nature performing at its best bursting into a magnificent array
of colourful wildflowers'’
Artists working in all media are encouraged to apply. A 1m x1m size limit applies.
Works larger than this will not be considered.
Independent Judges are:
1. James Davies, Director of the Geraldton Regional Art Gallery
2. Valli Papini, Gallery Manager at ACDC
The Judges decision is final and correspondence will not be entered into.
Submission Process:
Each artist is allowed one (1) submission only.
Submissions must be made by email to with “Baker
Williamson Art Prize” in the subject line and must include the following:

  • A jpeg image of each work no larger than 2mb.
  • Artist’s details including a CV.
  • A brief explanation of the work, including title and retail price.
  • Media used.
  • Size of work including height, width, breadth (if wider than a standard frame)
  • If you are registered for GST please include your ABN. If you are not registered for GST a Statement by Supplier form must be provided. 


  • All work must be the original work of the artist and must have been completed no earlier than 1st January 2014.
  • All work intended to hang must be ready to hang with either D-hooks or a wire.
  • All accepted work must be clearly marked on the back with the artist’s Name, Address, Title of Work, Medium used, and Retail Price.
  • Baker Williamson Studios has first option to purchase any exhibited works.
  • All canvas-based work must be carried out on Artist Quality Canvas and all paper based work must be on quality acid free paper. Baker Williamson Studios has the right to refuse works if a perceived lack of professional quality materials may affect the longevity of the artwork.
  • Where your work at other outlets is similar enough to that displayed at Baker
  • Williamson it is to carry the same retail price as that of the work at Baker
  • Williamson. The artist agrees to not make such work available at a price substantially lower or higher than the price on their work at Baker Williamson.
  • This includes markets and fairs.
  • Baker Williamson has the right to remove any work from the walls at any time without explanation. Please be assured that even if your work should be removed from the Main Showroom, we will continue to promote it for sale and make it available for customers to view while it is at Baker Williamson.
  • Artists will be paid any monies owing to them from sale of works within 14 days of an exhibition opening (should there be one) and/or at the end of every month. 
  • Baker-Williamson Studios reserves the right to negotiate with individual suppliers.
  • All work accepted will be displayed subject to space considerations.
  • Works submitted for sale at BWS must remain for a minimum of three months unless the term of the exhibition is less than three months.
  • All works must be delivered to BWS at the agreed upon time and date. All unsold works must be collected in a timely fashion at the conclusion of their term of display. A Delivery Docket is required upon delivery of works. You will be issued with one upon your collection of your works.
  • It is the responsibility of finalists to ensure their work arrives at BWS in time to be hung for the exhibition opening.
  • Baker Williamson has the right to use images of each artwork as it sees fit for promotional purposes only.

Baker Williamson uses a sliding scale to calculate the commission due on each piece.
This is based solely on retail price.
Bracket 1: Retail price up to $1000 = 40% commission
Bracket 2: Retail price $1000 - $3000 = 30% commission
Bracket 3: Retail Price $3000 - $5000 = 25% commission
Bracket 4: Retail Price above $5000 = 20% or by negotiation
Please ensure you have correctly calculated your costs as Baker Williamson takes no
responsibility for losses by the artist due to miscalculations. If you are unsure what
price to set on your work we are happy to provide assistance.
These formulas might be useful for you when calculating the retail price of a piece:
40% is the $ You Want ÷ by 0.6 = Retail Price
30% is the $ You Want ÷ by 0.7 = Retail Price
25% is the $ You Want ÷ by 0.75 = Retail Price
20% is the $ You Want ÷ by 0.8 = Retail Price
For more information please contact BWS Gallery Manager Jane Barndon at .

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