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Camp for the Modern Goddess - WEEKEND RETREAT

  • Mt Pleasant Holiday Homestead 577 Company Road Greenough WA 6530 Australia (map)

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The internal journey to Awaken your Divine Feminine. Mindfulness for Women Return home to Sacred Womens Business. Welcome to the weekend Camp for the Modern Goddess. 

Through a range of divine feminine embodiment rituals you will awaken to connect to your full juicy and wise self. #CampModernGoddess

The dilemma of the modern woman is that we are really just sick and tired of feeling overwhelmed, lonely and isolated, aimlessly wandering or frantically rushing from one thing to the next. Where has the joy gone! We seem to be forever wishing and ‘waiting’ for things to come good..

Most of us have forgotten what we really need to be wise, fun, well, and happy. We long to break free and take time to chill. We want to breath deeper, see clearer, feel more and create positive change. And even that idea makes us feel bamboozled, and so we solider on fighting that deep niggle ‘oh there must be more to life’.

This Sacred Womens Work is a revival of the feminine and your introduction to the wisdom of Women Who Sit in Circle. Find her, nourish her, embody her, and take her home with you. It is time to take charge or your life and connect with the full version of authentic wise you. You will go home with all the answers to your questions. 

“Camp was an amazing and very special experience, which taught me so much. Wendy’s knowledge, dedication and care, is hard to put into words. The weekend was wonderful in every way. I loved the Circle, self care rituals, walk and talk, the Mandela and clay work. The meditations were incredible, the dance was lovely and the cyclic woman knowledge was so valuable. Thank you”. Claire from Perth.

Certified Facilitator, Practitioner and Personal Coach Wendy will professionally guide you over a insightful weekend Womens Retreat to discover you have everything you need right inside of you just waiting to come alive.

Women are feeling called to end this period of separateness by coming back together to create a connected community. We are ready to rediscover our empowered state of belonging. Time to dive deep and take a look at what you have been missing out on.

Retreat subjects include : everyday mindfulness for women, feminine empowerment (and why you want more of it in your life), movement through dance, mediations and breath (take charge of your mental state), connection to your true self and your essence of being a woman, self-care rituals, handling difficult emotions and negative stories, the joy of art and craft, harness the power of your menstrual cycle (ancient lunar revival), bring the spark back into your sex life and relationship, declutter your life and bring back the joy. Plus doing nothing time for personal reflection. All work is gentle and a fun introduction to things that bring back simplicity into the lives of ‘busy’ women. Most of all, YOU will learn how to be your own best wise sage. 

“I absolutely love Wendys camps. Her professional and individual style plus the way she can support and help any woman at any stage of life. The atmosphere was so lovely, welcoming and full of deep trust. Thank you so much for this amazing experience” Antje from Geraldton. 

Limited Places: As a sacred personal journey, numbers are intentionally limited to ensure an intimate trusted space and that individual care for each woman is delivered.

Before camp I was feeling ‘apprehensive, frazzled and a little frightened’. Now I feel like everything is possible. I have a newfound self awareness and perspectives. The beautiful all totally amazing women that were here, we all connected in someway. It totally exceeded my expectations.

It flowed really well and was not forced. I was concerned about feeling shy and awkward and it was so caring, loving and that I felt totally safe. I give camp 11 out of 10! Wendy you created a safe environment for me to open ip and step out of my apprehensions. And a chance to connect to other women, and myself. It has been an amazing journey of discovery. Thank you. I need time now to absorb the huge amount of realisations!”. Sam from Geraldton. 

This work is for: Women who feel called to an internal journey of profound personal change to enhance the overall quality of your life as a authentically luscious and connected woman. It is perfectly okay to feel shit scared and excited as heck at the same time! Yes every woman feels this way! I have got you sister…

“What a fun and engaging retreat. Wendy has the gift of opening you up to self discovery, helping you on your personal journey forward, to reconnect with your true self and what you need”. Dani from Geraldton.

If reading this page gets you excited, you are ready.
You are ready to reconnect and belong. The journey of YOU. 

“Thanks Wendy. I was feeling very vulnerable the day of camp, but by the end I didn’t want to leave. I met some remarkable and beautiful women from all walks of life. No prevention and no judgment. xx” N from Geraldton.

Who to contact for enquiries: Wendy Watters 0427 719 720

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