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sheDance... an embodiment journey

*** sheDance *** hello Geraldton women ***

Sick of the mundane and want more from life? 
Ready to awaken and find the real you? 

Come immerse in self-love and connection... 
An embodiment journey of movement, touch, sound and breath... 

A half day Womens Circle event... Bring a friend!
Opening internal gateways to heal and step into fierce freedom. 

Are you WAITING for something awesome to happen to you? 
YES, this is it! Come join us... 

Sunday 15th October 2017 10:30am - 3:30pm
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What is sheDance?

sheDance is an embodiment journey like no other.
It is a combination of self-discovery, personal growth, & self-awareness through dance. Accessing your own innate wisdom and power through a dance series of feminine expression. sheDance is also a community of inspiring women who want to share in embodying themselves and who want each other to be fucking amazing.
 “She met with herself and kissed her soul, as sheDances ”.
Have you ever wanted to dance where you can just be free and feel your body flowing to the beats? Are you yearning for an experience what is great for your body and has a little soul? Do you want to be around other like-minded inspiring and supportive women? Well sheDance is probably for you! 
Come & experience the sheDance Taster Class.

We will be connecting through movement & music to your kundalini life force energy. Join amazing women from our community in a fun, and connected way. We will welcome one another through our women’s circle opening. Then be dropping into our bodies riding the wave of our own unique feminine expression. Feel her body rise as the waves of sensuality, softness, divinity, and power begin to whisper the insight of your soul. The taster session will intro the sheDance principle foundations.


Geraldton WA
Sunday 15th October 2017 10:30am - 3:30pm
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Nambucca Heads NSW
Sunday 22nd October 2017 10:00am - 3:30pm
Event Link:

Sunday 29th October 2017 11:30pm - 3:30pm
Event Link:

Geraldton WA
Sunday 11th March 2018 10:30pm - 3:30pm
Event Link:

Perth WA
March 18th 2018
E Shed Yoga Studio Fremantle
Event Link:

sheDance Retreat Yallingup WA
24th, 25th, 26th, 27th May 2018
Event Link:

sheDance Retreat Bali
October 2018 24th - 30th

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Who are the Facilitators?

Katie O’Malley & Wendy Watters are professional educators and pioneers of the divine feminine.

As the Co-founders of sheDance they are passionate about embodied awakening. They both work independently in their own professional fields with certifications in the fields of transformational coaching, mindfulness, sacred women’s facilitating, inspirational speaking, healing and embodiment training. You will be held deeply by their professional guidance and experience as together they combine over 20 years of education. Together they have studied modalities with Diplomas in clinic therapies, and certified energetic healing which deliver a powerful embodied experience. Wendy and Katie are real life magic weavers, healers, transformational coaches, shamanic students and embodiment practitioners, together they have studied over 20 modalities from all around the globe. They bridge science and the energetic realms. Working with thousands of women speaking at events, running workshops and retreats. Together they become quite a powerhouse as women bringing their wisdom and real life experience. They are both dedicated to supporting women during this transformation and want to inspire women to be empowered by healing themselves through this amazing rite of passage. sheDance is an embodiment journey of the divine feminine. Katie & Wendy are here to be of services to support women to literally bring yourself to live a fully awakened life.  
And guess what sisters?? The important truth is they are real women just like you experiencing the raw, real & vulnerable of being women on their own personal journeys in life...
What to expect?

We will be dancing and experiencing kundalini life force through meditation, dance, music, drumming and self-expression. The women inside of you has softness, seduction, joy and fire. The workshop class will be held in women's circle creating safety and connection. Most of the experiences are felt in the body with your eyes closed and moving to music. There is no dance talent required. Comfortable clothes to dance in are suitable. 
Come dance with her.
What if I can't make this class?

Workshop classes run in different states the classes are not a pre-requisite if you’re feeling called to the sheDance 4 day live in transformational Retreat. The next sheDance Retreat will be held in Yallingup Western Australia May 24th - 27th 2018. Enrolments are taking Place now.

Retreat Venue:
What if I'm not sure if it's for me?

If you are not sure if its your thing then that's exactly where your meant to be. Women often aren't sure exactly what sheDance is all about which is totally understandable, for a lot of women embodiment is very new and feels shit scary. That's why we have created taster sessions to get a feel for sheDance and see if its for you? If you feel a pull or intuitively guided to come sheDance calling you. Trust your intuition.
Who is this for? 

Any Woman who
+ wants to dive deeper into herself
+ who wants to grow & expand herself
+ who wants a deeper connections
+  who wants to explore Self-development
+ who wants to understand the Feminine
+ who wants to connect with own Innate Wisdom
+ who wants to let go of blocks in her life
+ who wants more joy & fun
+ who wants to explore how to wakening your own
   Kundalini Energy
+ who wants to develop her intuition
Who this is NOT for
+ closed minded sceptical thinkers
+ anyone who does not want to share in a group environment
+ anyone who is heavily medicated
+ anyone who is not willing to take responsibility for their own life & outcomes
This Class will stretch you into a NEW & awakened relationship within yourself. If you have been yearning to embrace more of who you truly are and feel a call to move your body then sheDance is for you!
Alternatively if you feel called to attend the sheDance classes or retreat and are not sure how you will achieve this or this is for you??? Please reach out we are here to do a check in call where you can ask absolutely any questions.
e. all questions & enquires welcome
A note from Katie & Wendy:
We have taken the call to birth sheDance to life.
Much love and gratitude for the journey that has lead us here, for all our teachers and for the deep transformational work that we have both experienced through our own embodiment. We embrace the journey with you and feel blessed and reminded that every woman dreams because her life is a journey that sheDances.
Katie & Wendy

A word from Wendy… 
“I have been immersing myself in this work for the past twenty years… through countless modalities from spirituality, scientifically and into my own embodiment. My work now is an expression of the epic journey I have taken myself as a woman to love myself and know I am whole and complete.  sheDance is an expression all that I have learnt and embodied… through breath work, body love practices, kundalini tantra, the menstrual archetypes, divine feminine embodiment and the shamanic medicine wheel. 
Ready for life changing inspiration, love, healing and teachings?  And to be taken to your core... YES to you"      xWendy
Katie's Journey Why Embodiment?

Over the years I have enjoyed the gift of studying various forms of energetic and body conscious healing. I dance in between the two world’s bridging science and energetics, my focus is on how to bring these two elements together a physical body and an energetic soul.  So I went on to study Anatomy & Physiology, Remedial Massage, basic Counseling & Social work. My desire to help others was driving me and to be honest I saw a lot of benefits from clinical modalities however my intuition was calling to learn more. I started having premonitions and experiences when working with clients that I simply didn’t understand and couldn’t explain. This led me to seek experts in the field of holistic health and healing, to my relief I finally began to understand what was unfolding during the sessions not only from a clinical perspective but deep within the cellular energetic of the body also.  For the next 7 years, I began to study anything related to energetics and the Cellular body, I took up Breath work, Reiki Certifications, Yoga, Meditation, Dance embodiment, & elements of Shamanic healing. I found that over the last 20 years of working with individuals that when both elements were brought together as a whole that the outcomes were far greater than just focusing on the body or the energetics, so I began to combine clinical therapy with energetic modalities. Something magical began to happen. 

Men and women began to heal in ways I could never imagine and they started to transform their lives. It was like the two parts started dancing again together inside of their bodies.
I look forward to meeting you sisters
Wishes Katie x
Katie O’Malley & Co consults from a private studio in Geraldton, Western Australia, and also travels extensively with her work and ongoing studies.

“I am feeling waves of deep Gratitude for Wendy and Katie and for sharing this offering of sheDance with us. Life can feel very overwhelming at times, especially during times of personal or social change and sheDance offers a beautiful retreat into my core – into the steady rhythm of life, the pulse that can hold and carry and guide me through uncharted territory. sheDance provides the space for me to explore what’s whole and true in me, despite what it looks and feels like on the surface.” C Geraldton.
‘I came tonight feeling exhausted and disconnected. By the end I feel connected to myself, energised and I can see, everything looks bright, like a light was turned on. Thank you’. ‘Really cool, I enjoyed it and found it easy to connect to the music’. WA
‘I felt teary and had not realised how much I had been neglecting myself. I felt freedom. Powerful. It was so freeing’. ‘I was able to connect deeply and the guided words helped. I notice the empty space in my heart and connection to my body and mind’. Geraldton
‘It was confronting and made me face a few honest truths. Like I need to have more fun! I loved the movement and connection to myself’. Geraldton

‘I loved the expression and experimentation’. WA

‘I love connecting to my wisdom and work on my assertiveness. It was so good to get into my body and escape words and thinking’. Geraldton

‘It was confronting but calming. I need to work on shame and shyness and my sensuality. It was a safe space. I needed to come tonight, it all makes sense. I need to free all parts of myself and take a journey’.
‘Everything was perfect’. WA

My experience was ‘strong, powerful, emotional and expressive. I loved the freedom to feel, the space, being held and supported’. Geraldton.

Who to contact for enquiries: Wendy 0427 719 720

Later Event: October 17
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