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A Shaman's Walk - A Journey of a Lifetime

  • Nukara Farm - 115 Nanson-Howatharra Road, Nanson, Western Australia (map)

“A Shaman's Walk is a Journey of a lifetime.”
Learning and growing into our Medicine, our Medicine Tools and our Gifts, experiences that we gain and share along our Shamanic walk, taking us on a Journey of a Lifetime.
Through this day of discovery Peter will share some basic fundamental exercises on how you can deepen your practice as a Medicine Person

We will share in a Smudging Ceremony, (Sacred Smoke), Opening Ceremony, Sharing Circle and more.
You will be guided into a gentle drum journey to connect us to the spirit and wisdom of the land we are sitting on. Offering tobacco to the land and to honor all Spirit. Sharing a discussion on the "Sacred Hoop of Life". 

Once we have shared with the land we will walk on the land to feel and discover it's gifts in noble silence, listening to our own inner wisdom and the wisdom of Mother Gia. Learning to walk on Mother Earth is one of our most fundamental practices of Shamanism as we give and receive what Mother Earth has to offer us. 

Collecting natural items along the way (flowers, sticks, stones, seeds grasses and leaves etc) so that when you return we can share what we have discovered from our walk. Laying a Mahwhatei healing mandala on Mother Earth with all the gifts you have collected. Please let us be mindful, that we don’t take from our Natural world, but that we ask to receive her gifts and we leave a gift in return. Our exchange and the Importance of the Give-away Ceremony.

We will then celebrate through music the connection to the land and the mandala we have laid. This Mandala will stay on our Earth Mother until she reclaims all back to herself. 

If you are looking to discover or deepen your Shamanic Practice, you can use these skills of looking, listening, feeling and seeing the elements and vast beauty of Pacha Momma. By learning to connect to the Sacred Hoop of life we can bring these skills into our daily practice and build our connection to Spirit, Creator, ourselves and all that is. 

This is the true Practice of Shamanism, meeting the Spirit in all things.

* A smudging Ceremony
* An opening and sharing circle.
* A discussion on Shamanism and why we practice it?
* A Meditation to connect to Mother Earth.
* Discuss the Give-away Ceremony
* We take a walk on the land.
* We lay a Mandala for Mother Earth and Ourselves
* Celebration through drums, rattles and song
* Closing Ceremony

*A yoga mat, cushion, blanket. 
*A note book and pen
*Medicine Drums, Rattles and Flutes
*Wear comfortable clothes.
*Plenty of water to drink
*Your own Lunch and snacks you require throughout the day

INVESTMENT: $130.00 Per Person.
To secure your booking please transfer payment to:

NAME: Peter Bowden
BANK: Westpac
BSB: 034660
ACCT#: 324495
SUBJECT:Shamans Walk (your name)

Who to contact for enquiries:
For bookings or enquiries please contact Shamanic Earth Medicine on the details below:
Facebook:Peter Bowden Shamanic Earth Medicine
Ph: 0417 724 335