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School Holiday Workshop: Introduction to Improvisation 11-13yo

  • Queens Park Theatre (map)

Improv is all about taking risks in a safe space – it’s about diving into the unknown, without a plan, and saying YES to whatever is in front of you and building on it. Once you practice taking risks in the safe space of an improv classroom, you will find yourself more confident in whatever comes your way

Improv skills make us stronger, smarter and give us the trust we need to realize our ideas are good ideas. By conquering our fears of jumping into the unknown — and literally creating entire stories out of nothing via improv — we are sharpening our communications skills and our ability to connect and relate to other people in a variety of environments. We become more confident. We are able to think and speak on our feet. Improv training will definitely enhance and expand your communication skills. 

This afterschool program will not only help improve confidence, communication and teamwork but also focuses heavily on developing creativity and performance skills. Students perform to a live audience twice a year with other opportunities to perform in festivals as well as professional settings throughout the year. You don’t have to have previous experience in performance or think you “have to be funny”. That is what we teach you!
Lastly, and most importantly, improv is a whole lot of fun. Enjoy bonding with your classmates and teammates through improv training. Give yourself permission to be silly and have a blast! 

Workshops run weekly during the school term with Years 10-12 Wednesdays and Years 7-9 Mondays 3.45-5pm at Queens Park Theatre.

To sign up or if you would like to know more contact Euphorium Creatives Improv Coach Jody Quadrio on 0498230487 or email

Who to contact for enquiries: Jody Quadrio 0498230487