A journey across the world on foot

photo-5 Today Angela Maxwell made her way into Geraldton, on foot, as part of her journey around the world.

The 32-year-old from the US is aiming to walk solo across four continents and twenty-five countries, on a five-year personal journey.

Everything Geraldton caught up with Angela on Brand Highway just as she made it into Geraldton.

"Everyday I realise that this is a pretty crazy thing to do," she said.

"But I wanted to be able to serve and give to the world when I’m walking."

Angela has partnered with World Pulse, an organisation that offers women in over 190 countries training and support to become grassroots leaders in their communities. She will be raising funds for the organisation while she shares her story of globetrotting through her website. Her walkabout is completely donation based.

"First and foremost I have to say that I am doing this walk for myself, it is my big adventure," Angela said.

"The work that I do has always been with girls and women so I decided that I would partner with an organisation that I really believe in.

"My journey is about giving women a voice in their community to make change."

Angela began her walk from Bend in the US, where she walked to Portland and then flew to Perth, where she is on her way up north to Darwin. From Darwin she will go onto Asia, Europe and back to America.

The journey itself is estimated to take five years at a non-stop pace. She will be walking 24kms a day at about 5kms an hour for six days a week.

To experience living on less, Angela has set her budget at $5-$10 a day and camps outdoors. She has no funding or sponsorship and sold all her belongings to be able to fund the first leg of her trip.

Along the way, she is talking to school groups about her journey and tomorrow she will talk to students from Geraldton Senior College.

"I like to talk to the school kids about taking risks and following their heart, and all the sacrifices that come along with  knowing you have to do something," Angela said.

Angela said she hasn't encountered anything too scary along her journey but camping alone in the bush is probably one of her biggest challenges.

"It’s the scariness of being alone in a tent on the side of the road," she said.

"I was taught that when you go into the bush, try and be as invisible as possible so I'm having to be really incognito."

Angela walks with what looks like a wheelbarrow or pram behind her, which is filled with her travelling items.

Angela will stay the weekend in Geraldton before taking off for Carnarvon on Sunday.

If you would like do donate to Angela's walk or follow her journey, visit her website http://www.projectwethrive.com/