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Health Helping Home - Charity Fundraising Day

  • Straight Up Health 63 Gregory St Geraldton, WA, 6530 Australia (map)

If you’re anything like me, I get a little hitch in my stomach when I hear about someone being diagnosed with a serious illness. It just comes all at once. One minute they are ticking along just fine, and the next, they are diagnosed with something horrible. It could be you or me, or someone in our family. It’s scary. 

But then, the reality of the situation hits. Who is going to pay the bills when the ones that earn the money can’t work? How do they pay for the trips down and back from Perth, or the place they have to stay when they are down there? What happens to the kids? School fees, mortgages, car payments and all the other costs of living. What if there is no insurance? What happens then?

That’s where Midwest Charity Begins At Home, steps in. This group of volunteers has raised and donated over 1.2 million dollars during the past 8 years to families from the Midwest who are in financial need during times of serious illness.
We at Straight Up Health decided we wanted to give back in a really meaningful way to the community that supports us. So we decided to create an ongoing Charity Fundraiser called Health Helping Home.
Here’s how it works. Four times a year, we block out a full day on our work calendar and dedicate that day to seeing only new patients/clients. You still pay the normal fee for your appointment on the day, but we donate 100% of that fee back to Midwest Charity Begins At Home.
These are going to be huge events, and if you and our community will support us, we think we can raise $15,000 every year to help families in the Midwest to get through a horrible time.

Please come and support us. We all know how quickly things can change in life. If it was you, you’d be so thankful for the help in bad times.

The bonus for you is that you get to do something to help your own health! Straight Up Health is a Natural Health and Wellness Hub. Here we have chiropractors, a Naturopath, Nurse Practitioner, Midwife and Doula, Exercise Therapist and a Personal Life Coach and Parenting Specialist. We offer workshops on Homoeopathic Remedies, making your own non-toxic skin, tooth and hair products, healthy eating and diabetes control, and parenting, as well as Qi–gung classes, yoga classes for pregnancy and also yoga for the non-pregnant.

Our first event will be Saturday July 25th 2015.
So please share this message, think about people you know who could benefit from a visit with a natural health care professional and have them make a booking. Post this on your Facebook page, send it out to your email contacts, talk about it and above all else if you have never been here for an appointment, come on down!! Even if you have seen one of our practitioners, you are still considered a new patient if you see a different type of practitioner in the practice!! Very cool. 

Who to contact for enquiries: 0899644205

Earlier Event: July 24
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