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Improving the Impact of your Imagery on Social Media

  • CityHive, 184 Marine Terrace, Geraldton (map)

Snapseed — Improving the impact of your imagery on Social Media

Do you share photos on social media with the intention of inspiring action such as liking, sharing or buying? Making your image stand out from the rest is critical, and easy to do with Snapseed. Using a few filters and fixes can mean your images catches the eye of your audience and makes them more likely to ‘act’.
Topics Covered

What is Snapseed and why you should use it
Download and installation on device
Interface overview
Global edits
Local edits

Target Market

Not for profits active on social media
Small business, especially those with photos to share
Sole traders wanting to stand out on social media

Skill Level



Able to utilise the power of Snapseed to your images to make them more impactful and stand out from the rest.

Who to contact for enquiries: Kirsty Kipling,, 9965 5371