Forged $50 notes circulated in Geraldton - EFTPOS is looking appealing

Police have advised that counterfeit $50 notes have recently been seized from local retailers. 

In the last month, three counterfeit $50 bank notes have been received by retailers in Geraldton. Two more have been located in Carnarvon.

Combined with concerns of being robbed if carrying cash, Geraldton locals now have another reason to prefer to pay for items electronically. Many Geraldton residents have taken to social media to add their voice to the growing chorus of locals pleading with Geraldton retailers to implement EFTPOS to help reduce the need to carry cash around. A Facebook page has even sprung up attempting to boycott one local service provider until they get EFTPOS with many of the users claiming it's a basic service.

Apart from the obvious convenience factor that paying by card provides, many residents feel less likely to be robbed if they do not carry cash, and knowing they won't inadvertently pick up an illegal counterfeit note is another reason some people are preferring to pay by card.

Please take a moment to check all the $50 notes in your possession. The counterfeit notes seized are very similar to the genuine article, however there are some obvious differences that give them away as being fake. Genuine notes have a clean, crisp southern cross and the value printed in the clear window. Additionally, genuine Australian currency is printed on plastic, not paper and when scrunched should spring back. More information on the security features in Australian currency can be found here:

Counterfeiting currency is a serious offence that can bring with it a term of imprisonment. People who locate suspected counterfeit currency are encouraged to avoid unnecessary handling and hand them into local police immediately.