One car stolen and another pushed into a neighbouring house this morning

This morning at about 1am a 2005 Holden Caprice was stolen from a home in Urch Street.

The perpetrators firstly pushed a 1976 Chevrolet El Camino down the driveway, which was parked behind the Caprice, which rolled down the driveway, across the road and through a fence and outside toilet in the house across the road.

The Caprice was later found by police at an address in Gregory Street.

The car owner Don Schofield said there was no harm done to the car other than a missing child's car seat. 

"We didn't even know the car had been stolen and the other one was through the fence across the road until we had a knock at the door from the police at about 6am," he said. 

Don said the police had fingerprinted the Caprice but were yet to find out any further information.