Stories of Geraldton: How we got into fostering kids is we were naïve

How we got into fostering kids is we were naïve. We had no idea about the huge need that there was for it in Geraldton. We went into it thinking that it would be nice a couple times a year if we gave kids a place to stay for a short amount of time. The reality is that there is a huge need, a massive need and the second our paperwork was done, three children were in our house that day and they’re still there now. After that, two more came, and they became ours as well. It was never DCP pushing them on us, it always seemed to be us going to them. They’d come for a weekend, or an emergency and they just fit right into our household and it always seems to be us campaigning the department to get more. They are very reluctant to go over a certain number so we go in with proposals saying we feel we can manage this, we can do it, so now we have 14. After 7 it really made no difference how many we had because the routine was there. Luckily we haven’t had to say goodbye to many as they end up staying with us and becoming ours. We have a baby at the moment and it will be devastating if he has to go, so my husband and I love him like we’ve got him forever. We don’t ever hold back and will give him every bit of love he deserves. One of our girls we have had since she was 7 weeks old and as soon as she was handed to us, the bonding was intense. It was like a birthing experience, it was the weirdest thing and I wasn’t prepared to hold this perfect child and fall absolutely in love with them. We had two years of thinking she was going to go and it would keep us awake at night.  We’re her legal parents now and she’s 7 and a half. Every time I look at her I think just think how lucky I am and I never take it for granted. So with him, I just enjoy giving him as much love as I possibly can and not worrying about whether he will stay forever.  At the moment, 5 of them have become ours, 2 of them are going to court this week, so we hope by the end of the year that 11 of them will be ours.



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