Boyd St speeding appeal quashed - The West Australian

Courtroom battles over an April speed camera blitz in Webberton’s Boyd St are continuing, with another motorist failing in a bid to have his speeding fine overturned by a Magistrate.

Prison officer Ian Blaikie Waterhouse, 52, old the Geraldton Magistrates Court he was among 800 motorists caught in an area which had been used as “a cash cow” by road traffic authorities.

He pleaded not guilty to driving at 73km/h in a 50km/h built-up zone on April 27, arguing that the section of Boyd St in which he was caught could not be regarded by “any right-thinking motorist” asbuilt-up area.

Mr Waterhouse said he accepted that Boyd St between Flores Rd and Anderson St was clearly built up, but once across Anderson St the road “opened out” and gave motorists the opposite impression.

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