US joint facilities are a threat to the national interest, according to some

The Geraldton communications gateway

AUSMIN 2008 formalised an integration of US and Australian military communications systems. The Perth meeting announced a “Combined Communications Gateway” in Western Australia to “provide both Australia and the United States greater access to the Wideband Global Satellite communications constellation”.

This year’s AUSMIN announcement of a Combined Communications Gateway will provide “a dual nation access point” to the Wideband Global Satellite (WGS) facility at the Australian Defence Satellite Communications Station at Kojarena near Geraldton.

In US military talk, “communications gateway” refers to the network of hardware, software and interface protocols that link communications systems effectively. For the United States, this is a growing problem in the technology of networked warfare with and between its alliance partners – such as NATO member countries, or, in a more exclusive club, the “Five-Eyes”. One aspect of a communications gateway is to preserve security concerns about hierarchical access to information, not all are trusted with same levels of access.

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