A reminder to keep your dogs tied up when on holidays

Caravan parks and dogs
Submitted: Wednesday, Dec 19, 2012 at 07:42
On my last trip away in geraldton we pulled up at a caravan park and set up, tied the dog to our van and sat by him with a cold beverage while he chewed on a bone, a dog wanders onto our site and starts fighting our dog! It took quite a bit to get the dogs apart as i could only drag my dog back while the other one was latched onto him. The comotion was heard by the other dogs owner who ran over to get his dog. Unfortunately for him our dog was quite alot bigger and stronger mastiffx ridgeback and the cattle dog limped away with its owner who vaguely appologised.. I realy dont understand why people cant just follow the rules, and keep their dogs tied up, park owners let us have dogs on our site as a privilidge not a right. Has anyone else had any similar incidents? it put a bit of a dampner on the first night as we love our dog dearly!

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