Watch out for these scammers

Every now and then your phone will ring, and a friendly foreign voice will be at the other end of the line informing you that your computer has a problem of some description.

These people are not trying to help you, they are trying to trick you into giving you their money. They prey on the fact that most of us do not really understand how computers work, we just turn them on and press buttons until they do something interesting.

Geraldton residents are not imune from these people's reach. One local elderly couple were completely turned off having the internet at their home at all after some of these people first scammed them out of some money, then installed pornography on their computer.

If you have any concerns about your computer, there are plenty of local computer experts like Watson Computers, Logic IT, 2V Net IT, and more that are trustworthy and competent to answer your questions and solve your problems. 

Some people are sticking to tablet computers like iPads, as it's almost impossible to install a virus on an iPad, and hackers are unable to access the devices.

If you have been scammed by someone ringing you out of the blue claiming to be able to detect your computers problems, you are not alone, but please be vigilant in warning others who may be susceptible to such scams. 

Jason Smith

Founder of Everything Geraldton, Everything Mandurah, & Everything Perth. Law Student. Father, Husband, Bitcoin, Cigars.