Perth Company employs Queenslanders to do WA mining construction work

They promised you that if you let them dig up your back yard there would be lots of jobs for your region.

But they lied.

Turns out there is no law saying a mining company has to source it's workers locally, and if it's cheaper or more efficient to get them from another city or state, then shareholders' interests come first, and not that of the local community that has the train track running through the guts of its town.

Case in point: G & S Engineering, owned by Perth based conglomerate Calibre Group, (which in turn is listed on the ASX and owned mostly by a holding company called "FR Perth Acquisitions Ltd", and also "Raymond Campbell Munro as trustee for the Munro Family Trust No. 2", and the Commonwealth Bank) has this job advertised on seek for a project about to happen in the midwest of Western Australia: 

"We are currently seeking experienced Fitters for a major construction project based in WA.  This is a FIFO project based in WA where you will work a 28/7 roster.  All flights, accommodation and meals will be provided for people based in Queensland.  This is a great opportunity for you to make your mark in the mining / construction industries with a reputable company.

The job is promoted as only open to Queenslanders, despite the company being a Western Australian based company, and the project being located on the doorstep of residents from the Midwest.

Whatever the reasons for sourcing the workers from interstate (Everything Geraldton only has love for Queenslanders), the fact remains that when the mining companies enter a town and push for their development, they invariably throw around one of the major benefits for the region being "jobs for our children". 

Locals beware. The mining industry will not save you. The mining company will look out for the interests of the mining company. 


Jason Smith

Jason is the author of Everything Perth. He’s also a law student, small business owner, husband, and father of three boys.