Everything Geraldton Launches "The Geraldton Magazine"

A brand new way to read local news, informative articles, watch videos and discover local events has come to Geraldton today with the launch of The Geraldton Magazine from Everything Geraldton.

The Geraldton Magazine is an app you can download onto your iPad, iPhone or Android smartphone and is is full of interesting articles and video content. What's more is all the content in The Geraldton Magazine comes from people living in the region.

The app is a brilliant way to discover some of the great talent that has been hiding out in Geraldton. The Geraldton Magazine is totally free to download and use and you can find it in the Apple App Store or the Google Play store by searching for "Geraldton Magazine".

Jason Smith, the founder of Everything Geraldton, says he had a lot of fun building the app. "This project has been most enjoyable. It's great to make something that can be both useful and fun and I expect it to be a real benefit to the Geraldton community. It's great for people that like using their smartphones and iPads to read the news, but while you have The Geraldton Magazine open you'll find all sorts of interesting content to read and watch."

"When I made the first prototype of the app I handed it to my wife to take for a test run and she loved it. She didn't want to give my iPad back because she was enjoying reading an article that the Library had posted" says Jason.

The Geraldton Magazine is the second app released by Everything Geraldton. The first app, simply called Everything Geraldton, is extremely useful and a great way to find out what's going on in town. Jason Smith: "Our first app has had around 1800 downloads already in the short time it has been out. The feedback has been fantastic and we want to keep making it better. It's a handy app for checking movie times, browsing Geraldton classifieds, or posting something for sale. It also has The Geraldton Business Directory and tonnes more local Geraldton content. It's a free download too so check it out if you haven't already."

You can learn more about The Geraldton Magazine by going to everythinggeraldton.com or just download the app and jump right in.

Some of the contributors to The Geraldton Magazine include:

Chris Lewis from ABC Open

Ann Larson from Social Dimensions

Andrew Outhwaite


Jason Sampson from GDTV

Ken Lawson from Geraldton Astronomy

Jenna Craine

Naomi Brooks

Bec from Because Everything Counts

Michael from Farmers Way of Life

Dr Edwin Kruys from The Panaceum Group

The City of Greater Geraldton

The team at the Geraldton Library

and Jason Smith from Everything Geraldton.

Click here to download the iPad app.

Click here to download the iPhone app.

Click here to download the Android app.

Jason Smith

Jason is the author of Everything Perth. He’s also a law student, small business owner, husband, and father of three boys.