Meet Darren Darch, The Snake Catcher

Thanks to Geraldton resident Juliette Knight for alerting us to the wonderful work of Darren Darch of Fauna For The Future. Darren is known as The Snake ### and is often found removing and relocating snakes and other fauna that find themselves a little lost. 

His company also provides animal relocation to developers and councils before they clear land for development.

Darren has been rather busy lately removing snakes from people's properties, but his job has grown somewhat more hectic with the recent fires driving snakes in towards people's homes.

Darren Darch relies on community donations to continue doing what he does. 

He can be reached on 0404 387 215. So instead of getting the shovel if you see a slippery critter in your back yard, give Darren a call.

Jason Smith

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