Geraldton woman lucky to be alive after unit burnt

About 3am Saturday morning another fire was lit in Rangeway. A shed was set alight and the fire apparently went into the roof cavity and spread to the unit. The incident occurred on Hardman St, Rangeway.

The occupant's daughter shared her experience with Everything Geraldton on Facebook.

...she has pretty much lost everything..what sort of enjoyment can a person get from doing that to another person? It was done early morning about 3.00 luckily she heard a noise and got up to have a look otherwise she probably wouldn't be here with us's devastating to see your mother who is normally so full of life just sit an stare at nothing then burst into tears when the realistion of what has happened sets in..I hope that the people responsible are severally punished as we are being punished watching her go through's absolutely gut wrenching

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Geraldton police on 08 9923 4555.