Final Words from Shane Van Styn before election

Election Windup

This election is a referendum on regional spending and you have a clear choice. You can vote for The Nationals, the creators of Royalties for Regions and ensure that Royalties for Regions continues, or you can choose to vote for a Perth party who for 119 years has held the seat of Geraldton. The two Perth parties have multibillion dollar Perth rail promises blowing out in cost every day and will need to fund these blowouts with Royalties for Regions an obvious funding source.

When you look around Geraldton you will see Royalties for Regions at work. The Geraldton Foreshore, Flores Road/Place Road, Durack, Geraldton Universities Centre, Chrysalis, Eadon Clarke and Geraldton airport are but a few of the projects. Voting for The Nationals will ensure that Geraldton continues its transformation. A vote for any other party is a vote for Perth rail and Geraldton neglect. 

If you, like me believe that Geraldton hospital needs expanding, roads need improving and education resources need to be lifted and that Royalties for Regions needs to be defended, then you need to change the way Geraldton has voted for 119 years. Only by changing the vote can we change the focus away from Perth and onto Geraldton.

I ask voters to vote for the party that promises and delivers. The Nationals promised Royalties for Regions and delivered it. I now ask that voters become defenders for Royalties for Regions and vote for me, Shane Van Styn on March 9.

Shane Van Styn

4 March 2013