Too Many Fights

This was shared by Karen True on our Facebook wall.

I'm alarmed at how often my son, daughter & their friends come home from a night out here in Geraldton to tell me that it sucked due to the amount of fights that occurred. My son & his friends have recently spent a few weeks both 'down south' & 'up north' here in WA & they tell me that the night-life fighting in their opinion is far worse in Geraldton than the other regional towns they visited. In fact they all said it's off-putting enough to want to relocate. I know that fighting has been around since the beginning of time & it happens everywhere but it seems to be a developing culture in our youths night scene-& from all socio-economic backgrounds. Disturbing & sad that this appears to be becoming normal regular party behaviour.

What can the people of Geraldton do to help solve this problem?