Vibe Nightclub responds to recent violence with 2am lockout

After a spate of recent violence, Geraldton nightclub Vibe has announced via Facebook of a 2am lockout.

From the Vibe FB page:

"New Changes at Vibe

At Vibe we aim for people to have the best night out and have noticed a few instances in Geraldton lately which have caused us to act proactively to ensure your weekends are safe and enjoyable. Starting from this weekend we are introducing a 2am lockout, with this we are also becoming firmer on our dress code and penalties for anti social behaviour. We feel this is required as our patrons safety is one of our highest concerns. People acting out will be banned from the premise and details given to local police for consideration for a city wide ban from venues. We appreciate your understanding and patience with this and wish to remind you to bring your identification and to dress up in appropriate clothing as we do not wish to offend with refusal. We look forward to seeing you this weekend and continuing to improve and provide a safe environment for all. 

Many thanks Vibe Management."

While it could be argued that Vibe cannot be held responsible for the behaviour of an unruly minority of its patrons, it's generally agreed that binge drinking and the influence of alcohol is contributing to the risk of violence in the area.

Is this a healthy step toward making the area safe for people to enjoy? Does it go far enough? What would you like to see happen?