Is now a good time to get a new phone?

If you're current phone is out of contract and it's starting to feel a little sluggish, dated or you're just plane bored with it, you've probably asked yourself whether or not now is a good time to upgrade.

Mobile phone buyers arguably fall into about three main categories these days; people who want an iPhone, people who want an Android phone, and people who don't care. 

Those that don't care and want the easiest handset to use in life should simply stick to an iPhone, and those that don't care but just want the cheapest can find any one of dozens of cheap and nasty Android phones to purchase, and new versions of these are constantly being released. 

However, those people would never have read this far, so this article probably isn't for them. 

So chances are (based on our website's traffic data) you're wondering if a new iPhone is around the corner. Well, the other day while reporting earnings data, Apple CEO Tim Cook told the world to basically not expect anything until "Fall" i.e. our Spring.

So if you can hold off until September-October-November-ish then sit tight. But four-to-seven months might be too long for most people to "hang in there".

Well for those people, you'd be pleased to know the current iPhone 5 is still considered one of (if not the) best handsets available. And based on Apple's previous behaviour, the next iPhone is expected to still look the same, with internal upgrades. That's not to say they won't change it up. There are also rumours Apple are working on a larger screened version of the iPhone as well as a cheaper version. But the key word here is rumours. 

So essentially if you're in the market for an iPhone right now you're right in the middle of the "wait for the new model" timezone and the "grab the current model" timezone. 

But if you heard rumours a new model was coming in June or July, it appears that's simply not the case.

If you want a flagship Android device, the best time to purchase one is right now. As you may know, Android is just the name of the operating system that is used by many different manufacturers, but there are a few standout devices that are the most desirable. 

The most well known is the Samsung Galaxy S, and the 4th version of it has just been released (Samsung Galaxy S4). It has had fairly mediocre reviews, but if you want to own the latest then now is the time to strike. Another high end device running Android is the HTC One. It has also just come out, and although may not sell as well as the Samsung, it has had good reviews so far. 

Jason Smith

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