Have you heard of Dropbox yet?


You may have heard of Dropbox but be wondering exactly what it is.

Dropbox is an app can install dropbox on your Mac, Windows computer, iPad, iPhone, Android device and more.

Anything you place in your Dropbox folder on one device, will automatically be accessible from any of the other devices.

You can even log into your Dropbox account from any computer with an internet connection.

It's free to use for up to 2GB worth of storage, and different plans are available for heavier users. 

I was out the other day and needed to access an old bank statement for proof of ID. No trip home needed. Just opened Dropbox on the iPhone, downloaded the file, and emailed to the shop assistant right there.

It's a very handy service, and best of all it's free to use.

How do I get started

To sign up for a free Dropbox account click here.

To download the free Dropbox app onto your iPhone or iPad click here.

Install the app on all of your computers and devices. Place a file or a photo in your Dropbox folder and watch it appear on the other devices.

If you have the app on your iPhone or iPad, you will be able to see a list of all your items. The app won't automatically store all your files on the device though, to save space. It will only download a file when you select it. There is a little "star" that you need to select to keep that file stored locally on your iPhone/iPad.

What else can Dropbox do?

Share those big files

Other than a way to access your own files from anywhere, Dropbox is a handy way to share files. Things that you wouldn't normally want to email because they are too large, or files you want to have multiple people be able to edit, are easy to share with Dropbox.

Save all those precious images

Dropbox is great for backing up your photos without having to plug your phone into your computer.

In the iPhone or iPad Dropbox app, go to settings and turn on the "Camera Upload" feature. Whenever you then open the Dropbox app, any new photos you have taken will be saved to your Dropbox folder in the cloud, meaning your precious photos won't be lost forever should you lose your phone. If you have Dropbox installed on your desktop or laptop computer, those photos will automatically appear in your Dropbox folder there too.

But even if you only own an iPhone or iPad, the images will still be safely stored "in the cloud" on Dropbox's servers, allowing you to access them and redownload them whenever you like. 

Give Dropbox a try today. Lots of people that have used it love it, and the fact that it works on all brands like Apple, Android, Windows and more means it doesn't matter what device you by in the future, it will keep working for you.