When will the NBN be connected in Geraldton

NBNCo representative Peter Gurney was in Geraldton tonight to give us the rundown on where things are at with the NBN.

The short version of the story is:

-In approximately 1 month the first of the very fast fibre connections will be being turned on.

-By the end of the year most suburbs who were promised fibre should be connected.

-Some additional northern suburbs have been added to the 3 year rollout plan (Dummonds, Waggrakine etc).

-If Liberal party gets in lots could change.

-Houses not getting fibre will get fixed wireless. Some of these suburbs are ready to connect now.

-If a hill is blocking the fixed wireless signal for you, you qualify for satellite connection. The satellites will be launched 2015.

-You will get a letter in the mail when your home is NBN ready.

-There is no cost for the equipment that needs to be installed on the outside or inside of your home.

-Geraldton has taken longer than expected due to lots of the existing underground infrastructure being damaged or unusable.

-You don't contact the NBNco to get connected. You contact an Internet Service Provider like Node1, Telstra, Westnet etc. Shop around for best price.

Visit this website to check your address and when you can expect to be connected to the NBN.


We'll keep you up to speed on future updates and changes.


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