New laws Tenants and Landlords need to be aware of

There's been some changes to laws governing the renting of homes in WA which tenants and landlords should be aware of. 

  • A new prescribed form (agreement) must be used for all residential tenancy agreements.
  • Bond must be lodged with Government Agency.
  • Landlords can no longer just deposit the bond with an authorised financial institution.
  • Condition Reports must be completed at the start and end of tenancy.
  • Limits to option fees.
  • Pet bonds can be requested for all pets capable of carrying parasites that can affect humans.
  • The tenant cannot be made to pay more than 2 weeks rent in advance at any time throughout the tenancy.
  • The lessor must ensure the residential premises are reasonably secure (doors, windows, lighting).
  • Most Changes come into effect 31 July, 2013. 

    Please speak to a local real estate agent if you have any queries. Our business directory has some here:

    -Western Australian Residential Tenancies Act 1987


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