WA Liberal party wants to pass a law that will allow it to sack people easier

If you can think back to the recent WA election, you might recall Mr Barnett and the Liberal party promising us extra public services, especially more Police.

Well, guess what.  Now he's promising "savings" of up to $75 million per year simply by sacking 1000 people. 

In addition, Collin Barnett is promising all public sector workers that they will not receive a pay increase, other than the basic inflation rate. Opposition Leader Mark McGowan pointed out that this comes after Barnett staffers were given pay rises of up to 52 per cent after the March 9 election.  

There'll be incentives for people to take "voluntary" redundancies of course. This reduces the number of people that are technically sacked. And if an employee doesn't take the package offered during the voluntary redundancy period, then they live with the fear that they may simply be sacked with a lesser redundancy package. 

The Liberal Government will introduce legislation to allow involuntary redundancies in the public service.

Colin Barnett is painting a picture of a public sector workforce that is essentially bloated and full of staff that aren't efficiently carrying out what the public needs. But many members of the public already complain often about understaffed and ill equipped government services, that it makes it hard to see how job cuts are really going to benefit them.

Toni Walkington, branch secretary of WA's public sector union, said reduction in service quality was inevitable.

``Front line services such as child protection, offender management and crime prevention will be further run down,'' Ms Walkington said according to Perth Now.

These cuts come on the back of an announcement by Seven West Media that they will be slashing over 100 jobs.  

Figures just out of the Australian Bureau of Statistics show WA's employment rate fell for the first time in 5 months, but it was only due to a large drop in the number of people bothering to look for work. 

The unemployment rate in WA stands at 4.9%, and the national rate is 5.5%.