Baby whale stranded on reef near Greenough River Mouth

What appears to be a baby whale has become stuck on reef near the Greenough River Mouth.  

Locals on the scene report that sadly it couldn't be saved, and that officers from the Dept of Environment and Conservation had to take the animal away to be put down. 

Tania Malachowski, one person who was present trying to help said:  "we did get it back into the water a couple of times back it just kept coming back in and believe me picking it up was not an easy task it was approximately 1.6 metres long very heavy and slippery."

Tara Woodside posted: "My dad and son were the first to see it and dad tried to help it out to sea but it kept getting cut on the reef. My son was pretty upset."

Commenting on Everything Geraldton's Facebook page, the community was very thankful to all the volunteers who tried to assist. 

Pics contributed by Tara Woodside and Emma Bloxsidge.