New iPhone due very soon

By Jason Smith

You may be surprised to learn that the most common device used to browse Everything Geraldton is an iPhone.  

Thus much of our audience may be pleased to know that a new version of their beloved pocket computer is set to arrive very shortly.  

While official announcements from Apple are still lacking, many reputable rumour sources have suggested September 10th will be the day Apple will make the announcement.  

Probably to be dubbed the 5S, it's expected that Apple will also unveil a cheaper iPhone in a range of colours called the 5C, along with a gold or platinum coloured iPhone 5S. 

A new feature that has been anticipated for months is a fingerprint sensor. Apple recently aquired a company called AuthenTec for US$365 million which has been working on fingerprint scanning solutions for some time. 

The fingerprint scanning rumour has not been confirmed, but tech enthusiasts believe it could not only make logging on to your device quicker and more secure, but may also make entering passwords on the web and other apps a lot easier.