Community responds quickly to suspect itinerant tradies

Itinerant Traders were going business to business offering to ‘re-paint or re-line mark’ car parks and or driveways.

The Department of Commerce caught up with them late Monday afternoon following several tip offs from local traders concerned about their actions.

Danni Bloomfield from the Dept of Commerce based here in Geraldton, said it was thanks to members of the community who contacted the department so quickly that the matter was able to be addressed promptly. Initial reports suggest the men may have already left town, but that is awaiting confirmation. The fact that many Geraldton residents and business owners are aware of the Department of Commerce in Geraldton means matters such as this can be dealt with swiftly before much harm has been done.

The men in question were driving a silver Toyota Camry, wearing fluorescent yellow shirts with ‘Dulux’ embroidering. Both are of Irish background and claimed to be here working on Visas.

When questioned the two persons provided an address of their head office on St Georges Terrace in Perth but ironically the address provided is next door to Department of Commerce’s head office in Perth. When questioned over the address it was changed to the other end of St Georges Terrace and said they were mistaken.

Both men were advised to cease soliciting businesses until the information they had provided could be verified and they were also requested to attend the Department of Commerce at 8:30am yesterday.

After completing initial checks the following information was found:

The business name they provided is NOT registered

The business address they provided does NOT exist

The information details they provided re their stay in Geraldton were NOT substantiated by the accommodation supplier

The employers details provided could NOT be substantiated

The two men have NOT attended the Dept of Commerce office as per instructions.

Business Owners who are approached need to know that rather than getting a bargain, once the marking or painting has been completed it is likely to fade or wash away because inferior quality material has been used which is not suitable for car park traffic.

By the time you identify the problem, the tradesmen will be on the move and not be able to be tracked down to enable a repair, replacement or refund that you would be entitled to under the Australian Consumer Law when a job is done this badly.

Businesses requiring expensive work such as car park marking are advised to shop around for quotes and use reputable local tradespeople.

If you require any further information please contact Danni Bloomfield on the below details.

Senior Regional Officer, Consumer Protection, Midwest Murchison Region
Department of Commerce, Western Australia
A: Shop 3, 40-52 Durlacher Street, GERALDTON 6530 P: PO Box 1447, GERALDTON 6531
T: (08) 9920 9800 F: (08) 9964 5678
E: W:


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