Yet another accident outside Bunnings brings roads safety into question

Thursday saw yet another traffic accident on the North West Coastal Highway in front of Bunnings, involving a Ford Ranger utility and Kia Sorrento SUV.

Everything Geraldton alerted residents to the incident after community members informed us.

Commenting on a Facebook post we made, Geraldton residents were frustrated calling the area one of the worst traffic spots in town, and calling for measures to make the road safer.

The incident occurred when a person driving a Ford Ranger turned right across traffic out of the BCF/Bunnings car park.

It is believed the Kia was heading north in the right lane.

It was reported by onlookers at the time that the driver of the Ford had said that a truck driver had indicated it was safe for her to pull out, and she did so.

No truck was at the scene when Police and emergency services arrived.

Staff from BCF ran to the scene to assist, and helped direct traffic until authorities arrived.

Ambulance, Rescue Workers and Police all arrived on the scene soon after, and at least one person from the Kia was taken to hospital.

It is not known by Everything Geraldton whether there were any severe injuries, although the efficient ambulance officers did indicate any major injury had occurred.

One of the people who came to assist with traffic said it was the second accident in just a few weeks he had come out to assist with.

Some Geraldton residents have suggested the entrance/exit from Bunnings/BCF needs to be modified, and others said they only ever exit Bunnings via the traffic lights due to safety concerns.


Jason Smith

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