Parents helping each other via Facebook

By Jason Smith

Geraldton resident and parent Clarissa Neil has started a Facebook page with the intent of giving parents the opportunity to share their parenting tips and advice. 

Clarissa said she has one child, a six year old, and even though she had her quite young, wanted to be the best parent possible.  

"Self help books are ok," says Clarissa. "But I feel that nothing can beat hands on experience. With Facebook, and social media in general, parents all around the world can now connect with and share their advice with other parents."

Clarissa says she hopes people from all over the world will share their number one piece of parenting advice that they have learned on their journey; something they wish they knew at the beginning. "Whether your child is 2 or 22 I can almost guarantee you will have a piece of advice you wish you had known previously."

Check out the page REAL Parenting Advice here: