Reminder to all dog owners regarding potential fines

City of Greater Geraldton Rangers have issued a reminder to all dog owners about the responsibilityof dog ownership after presenting five dog related cases in the Geraldton Magistrates Court.

The offences related to owning an unregistered dog, having no leash on a dog in public and a dog attack. In total 10 charges were presented to the presiding Magistrate and all cases were found in the City’s favour incurring penalties ranging from $500 to $1500.

City Manager of Community Law and Safety, Konrad Seidl, said the action by the City that subsequently resulted in dog owners being charged, was in line with the City’s Strategic Community Plan demonstrating a commitment to positive results and working with the community to keep it safe.

“The City is working with the community to achieve positive results, however to achieve this, the community needs to be able to work with us and having control of your dog is an important part of keeping everyone safe,” he said.

“The City does not like taking cases to court and the Rangers will try various means, including cautions and infringements, before taking a dog case to court. However, the impact of a dog attacking a person or another animal can cause substantial trauma.

“In most cases a dog will attack because it is not adequately confined on its property or not under control of the owner or person responsible,” said Mr Seidl.

A number of responsibilities outlined in the Dog Act 1976 state that owners must ensure their dog:

  • Wears a collar displaying the owner’s name, address and Council registration tag attached when in public areas

  • Must be confined to the premises where it lives at all times

  • Is held by a competent person capable of controlling a dog in public

  • In designated areas, dogs may be exercised off a leash, however the person in control of the vdog must carry a leash and restrain the dog when required

  • Is registered in a person’s name over the age of 18 years.

Failure to adhere to these responsibilities could result in fines or infringements:

  • Dogs in public areas not held on a leash - $100

  • Owner’s name and address not on collar - $50

  • Dog without registration tag - $50

  • Unregistered dog - $100

  • Dog attack - Up to $10,000

     For more information visit the City’s website.



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