Choose-your-own-adventure comedy show coming to Geraldton

EARLY BIRD tickets have just been released for the live choose-your-own-adventure comedy show The Dark Room that will show in Geraldton this year. As part of the Sunshine Festival, The Comedy Emporium will host its biggest show of the year – The Dark Room on October 9. For one week only, get all tickets valued at the concession rate of $17 per person.  Presented by master comedian John Robertson and set at the Queens Park Theatre, the show is a chose-your-own adventure comedy show where you don’t get a choice. The best news is it will be opened up to ages 13-130! 

“We want everyone to take advantage of this extremely exciting show. So we have made the bold move to open it up to teenagers as well as our normal patrons.” The Comedy Emporium director Julian Canny said.

The show is something never seen before in Geraldton, in line with The Comedy Emporium ‘s goal to work hard to make sure that their 2013 season offers a large range of programs and showcases to keep everyone laughing. 

Based on text adventure video games of the ‘80s The Dark Room was created as a viral YouTube hit, then adapted into a live stage show. The Dark Room is part of a huge tour route included for events like the Sydney EB Games Convention. Robertson promises to provide Geraldton with a mass crowd game experience like no other. 

“It’s a live interactive video game show where the audience is the hero and the villain is a floating head who sounds like a British thespian. Winners get prizes; losers are punished…will you escape?” comedian John Robertson said. 

Robertson recently toured through the Midwest as part of the Emporium’s July showcase. His crazy black plague wit and ability to ‘make it all up’ attracted attention when a recent Emporium show hosted in Dongara ended with him convincing a patron to crowd surf out of the venue. As The Dark Room has toured all over Australia and the United Kingdom, it’s easy to see why this is such a interesting show. 

“Over 300,000 people have played the YouTube version of the show and only two people have ever won. Will you be the first person in Australia to escape The Dark Room live? It’s the choose-your-own-adventure where you don’t get a goddamn choice.” The Comedy Emporium director Julian Canny said.

Tickets are $17 early bird and students, $22 for adults and are on sale now from . If you would like more information on The Comedy Emporium or The Dark Room please call Julian Canny on 0458 306 111, search The Comedy Emporium on Facebook.


Check out the Dark Room youtube game. Works best on Desktop or laptop computers.


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